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Monday, August 31, 2015

Mixed bag Monday

Okay, so I have a handful of interesting (at least to me) tidbits to share, and I need to start in on Thursday afternoon when we had an encounter with a doe that was content just to look at us.

Guy runs by, Scrappy barfs, and she just stands there.

Friday, KC sent me a text from his first week at school (Ivy Tech):

Dad work today (?) if so after class me you beer pronto(...)

He's having the "adjusting to working AND going to school" blues with a touch of "Why did I take that class THEN?".  I was myself having a plethora of issues related to the unhappy state of my digestive system at the time, and we eventually just settled on pop and burgers at a place called Dicky's.  He got some relief Saturday when his friend took him to Cleveland for an Indians game and got to see his favorite player (whose replica jerseys were being given out) win the game with an 8th inning grand slam.

My Saturday, well, mine and Laurie's, included a lunch out followed by what has been described as Hummingbirdpalooza 2015, or the Great Blog Summit 2015, or actually, just a visit to The Fortress, home of fellow Time Lord Bobby G.  A lot of good conversation, some birthday cake (from Bobby's latest), and yes, hummingbirds...

They're phone pics, I'm sorry, but if you squint at the blurry things about dead center of each, that's where she was.  So after several hours of discussing... you know, Time Lord stuff... and a couple of texts from Cleveland where Mike Trout hit the scoreboard in batting practice... and some belated birthday gifts for the folks at home, it was back to the reaches of the north.  By the way Bob, I got a touchdown on the way home... I think it was the fullback rumbling his way in from the sound of the cheers, lol!

Prior to the journey to darkest Fort Wayne, Scrappy and I came across that doe again.  We were about halfway down the back trail when she entered from the south end...

...And we saw some other sights as well...

And Sunday ended up a lazy day, though we did manage a walk, and got serenade by the local Pope...

And we finish off our story with one of the truly dumbest agenda driven stories I have ever heard- even worse than beavers causing climate change...

According to Naomi Klein, this is “clear.” According to social activist and best-selling author Naomi Klein, climate change isn’t just destroying our planet — it’s making racism worse, too. “You see that in Australia where the treatment of migrants is a profound moral crisis,” she said, according to a piece published in The Guardian. “It’s clear that as sea levels rise that this mean streak and open racism is going to become more extreme – climate change is an accelerant to all those other issues,” she continued.

See, you don't need cause and effect with this bunch.  Just an agenda and something to blame it on.  Have a nice rest of the day!


  1. I've never gotten so close to a deer. Pretty.
    I just learned who Mike Trout is. Subway connection, right?

  2. Sounds like fun in the ghetto and with cake. Love your walks.

    1. It was! Donna's right, we shoulda took pics for you.

  3. The wild things make a walk worthwhile.

    My mother-in-law has a great bird sanctuary (self-made) in he back yard. I could sit there all day and watch their antics.

    1. I'd like to do that too... but the three AM raccoon visits are too much.

  4. Chris:
    Very good deer vids...they must be getting used to you two.
    (Scrappy barfed after the guy runs past...was he THAT bad?)

    --Hummingbirdapalooza...ROFL...whatta mouthful!
    (but it WAS pretty cool)
    Good shot of the one on the petunias / salvia!

    Got a touchdown...LMAO!
    (wonder about the point-after)

    Darkest Fort Wayne...WIfey and I kinda feel like Stanley & Livingston.NOW...ha!

    IS that one huge FROG you saw??

    That "cluster" plant puts the color of our tomatoes to SHAME.

    The local "Pope" that.

    So, CLIMATE CHANGE is causing RACISM now?
    Guess we can add that to the other garbage on the list that includes the rise of ISIS and Hezbollah.

    Someone should take that old Shirley Ellis song "The Name Game" and update it to become "The BLAME Game"...
    (could be a new #1 hit for the libs)

    Very good summation to a nice weekend.

    Stay safe up there, brother.

    1. That was no big frog; it was closeups of one very SMALL toad...

  5. WOW such awesome pics of the deer. I love your nature shots!! Hummingbirds are just so cool. I want to get a feeder next year. My grandma has a lot of hummingbirds that visit her feeder. Scrappy looking cute as ever.

    1. At his age, it works on Scrappy better than me...

  6. I thought Obama was at fault for climate change, the recession, Lady Gaga and Hep C.? This means he's to blame for racism. Go figure.

    That deer is not afraid. She's thinking "Yeah, I'm a beauty. You keep filming me, but I need my lunch break soon."

    I think it's very cool that you and your son are so close.

    Cheers, CW.

    1. I only blame Obama for Lady Gaga of those three. Climate change is on Al Gore, and the recession and Hep C go to John Kerry.

  7. I think the animals are all scoping things out getting ready for their big attack. Beware!

    That climate change/racism theory is about as dumb as it gets. On the other hand, considering the source, I'm sure it could get a lot dumber. How about the theory that climate change is eroding liberal brains to the excess?

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

    1. Methinks you've been following the animalpocolypse on Martin World News...

      The eroding brain theory I've seen brought up on FB more than once...

  8. Sounds like a busy weekend. I hope your digestive issues are now non-issues. Not sure I would've gone for the burgers and pop... but to each their own;)

    The funny thing about that climate change and racism is this: when someone talks about racism you can tell them that isn't the REAL problem. It's climate change. If we could just solve that, racism would become a thing of the past. The problem isn't RACE (or people's thoughts about it), it's the freakin' weather. That's the GORE, I mean CORE issue.

  9. We had a similar incident with a doe while we were in Colorado. We were hiking along a trail and we weren't even off the main trail when we spotted a baby deer hopping, yes hopping, through the tall grass and there was mama watching over her. We walked right up to both. Adoeable!

  10. Love the toad pic. Hummingbirds are tough to catch photos of. They love our Astrarium, but I never can get the camera out fast enough. Lately I've been on the look out for Bumble bees... the winter wiped a lot of them out... our gardens were not hugely fruitful this year because of it.

    Still in my funk, but I'm trying to catch up and at least comment when I can... Youngest and I are heading to Maine in a few weeks for a 30 mile bike ride. Hoping for some great pics I can share. Course, they'll likely all be from the first 10 miles... the last 20 I'll just be praying to get through un-blistered. :)