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Monday, August 10, 2015

Picture time

Just sittin' on this here log, man...

Not a bad shot for as far off as he was...

These were taken the day we saw an otter cross California Road at the swamp.  The swamp water was looking a bit... solidified... and he decided to find something a bit less stagnant.

On top of a dead raccoon, Scrappy found a dead fish.

Geese actually got threatening with a couple of approaching ducks.  A-holes...

Scrappy spent some time rousting the froggies at the alumni pond.  Missed this guy, though...

Big hawk coming in for a landing.

The little bluebird of happiness was watching over us.  Saw a cedar waxwing as we crossed the hedgerow, too.

A pigeon in an ostrich costume, by Laurie

Anything's camo out here, eh, Mr. Squirrel?

And the Indigo Bunting takes a stroll

Saturday was the "Insane Inflated 5K" at the Plex.  There were inflated "obstacles" on ALL of the dozen and a half soccer fields...

"Alright, it's hot and there are people everywhere... let's go home and nap!"

My dog... the only living being that ever slept in odder positions is my daughter.

"Do you mind?  I have a rep to uphold!!!"
Green eyed boofus, goofy Boofus...


  1. Geese ARE a-holes. Around here, we have a trail behind the houses that you can run/bike on, and the geese all overtake the paths like tiny gang members, and honk at you aggressively if you come close or try to pass. One of them tried to chase my wife for about half a mile before giving up. She was on a bike, so the goose never stood a chance, but he didn't care. He wanted to peck her eyes out.

    1. Y'know, the only one that's ever actually got aggressive with us was up in Kendallville- which is funny if you lived around here.

  2. Sweet Scrappy!!! I love all his adventures. Great pictures of the deer, otter and the hawk.
    You should write a childrens book with Scrappy's adventures and all the critters he encounters.

  3. Indigo bunting! I never see them and I'm always on the lookout. We've got more bluebirds than the law allows, though. Every single bluebird house I have is constantly full of birdies during the nesting period of the year.

    1. I see one once or twice a year... the bluebirds have their own special area where we see them during the summer.

  4. It needs to rain here! My frog pond hangout is almost dried up.

    1. At least the alumni pond still has waves... the swamp seems pretty solid.

  5. Chris:
    Got some really good snapshots there.
    Never ceases to amaze me at the avian cornucopia you have up there.
    Laurie spotted A PIGEON?
    I didn't think we HAD any

    Have seen a seagull a couple times in parking lots (musta followed the river from the lakes and got lost).
    Cool bluebird and indigo bunting.
    And that last picture of Scrappy is priceless!!!
    (don't let it go to his head...heh)

    Nice walkabout.
    Stay safe up there, brother.

    1. Plenty of pigeons here abouts, mainly in parking lots and under the bridges. Laurie was surprised by the coloring, but they have all kinda mottling around here.