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Monday, September 21, 2015

Catching up with Chris

When we left Chris, he was bitching... er, commenting on a recent Dr's appointment.  Long and short of things, years of Pepsi abuse have left me with a high sugar content- high enough that I get to stick myself in the finger again (I had to for a couple months just before the genesis of this blog, after I had the blood filled balloon on my right calf removed).  I first get put on a new medicine called Invokana, which sounds like a prayer session but actually is supposed to kick my kidneys' ability to pee sugar into the stratosphere.  Unfortunately, it also has an adverse effect on a few things- I find it a no-no to get up fast, difficult to multi-task, and energy seems a thing of the past.

Combined with spending some time with Laurie's family Friday night followed by a Saturday nooner at work, it only took a meal out and three-quarters of a shopping trip to make me virtually useless the rest of Saturday and not a lot better Sunday.  A walk just up  the street to the office about wasted me, but today has been much better- in that direction.

So if you were expecting my usual Johnny Appleseed wrap up today, sorry about that.

So yeah, no buffalo burgers this year.  2015 officially sucks!
Now, the poker is yet another story.  They give you ten needles and want you to change the needle every time.  It took me five tries to figure out how to do it right.  Can you name two things that won't happen as often as directed?  Here's a multi-choice:

a) Changing the needle every time
b) taking a reading twice a day
c) pigs flying out of my butt

(Choose two of three)

Bright side, the Invokana is supposed to aid in weight loss.  Prolly when I decide to just CHOP MY FREAKING HEAD OFF! (sorry for the whine; I know a lot of people are worse off than I am.  But many of them can have Pepsi.)

I am dutifully  trying to adjust my diet to things helpful in lowering my numbers.  I haven't had a Pepsi in 4 days (and it shows...), I've got whole wheat bread, plenty of beans, including a delightful breakfast cereal made of them called Mighty Flakes.  I've laid in some pink salmon for my "one serving of fish per week", and extra tomato juice, as that is perhaps the one thing I usually consume that IS good for me.  Oh, and dark chocolate- one piece of 72% cacao every day or so.  Helps to take the edge off the caffeine withdrawal headaches.  And a pack of blueberries, though I may have an issue getting started with them since I can't put sugar all over them.

In the meantime, what about the Saturday work thing?  That is rooted in a new customer called Misty Harbor (which has been suggested as a good name for an exotic dancer).  MH Is very complicated for a lot of boring reasons.  But they were added to OUR schedule because we expected (our biggest customer) to keep fooling around as they do, leaving us hurting for work.  Well, the perfect storm hit:  We have been way behind designing covers for some of these boats, which didn't stop dealers from ordering those very covers at the dealer meetings in mid-August, so now, we are getting catch-up orders for these covers as the originals get approved for production, meaning that we have a buttload of orders to do dated as far back as mid-August, and now (our biggest customer) is ordering 20% MORE covers than we would have expected in our wildest imaginings, but we still have to do the MH because they were ordered in Ft Wayne's system and though "we want NO OT because we have plenty of capacity at the other plants", we are still stuck with doing these HERE.

Thus the sign near the door- "9 hours per day every day this week- Saturday 6 hours possible."

But into each dark cloud, some light must break:

Scrappy in his semi-usual sitting and sleeping position.

Scrappy at "Damnnit I want my treats" time.
Scrappy chased him up a pine tree Sunday.
I found this bone in the deep woods, and showed it to Scrappy.  He took it and walked off.  When I tried to take a picture, he'd drop it to sniff other things.  Finally just made him sit with it.  Leg bone to some unfortunate extremely bow-legged beast.

And a chipmunk actually posed for a moment!


  1. Chris:
    I was doing some lookups on that Invokana stuff -didn't know your high blood sugar required THAT.
    Has the doc suggested fruit juices rather than papsi?
    (even I could handle that...lotsa good juices out there.)

    I read where you NEED to stay hydrated when taking invokana, too.
    I drink different stuff...some teas, some Powerade and coffee...helluva mix, hmm?
    (never all at once, however)
    The DARK chocolate thing sounds well enough.

    Along other paths...the pictures are very nice (as usual), and that one of Scrappy with his legs spread belongs in some female canine publication...LOL.
    Nice squirrel picture...chased up a tree, huh?

    How did Scrappy like his rawhide chew we got him?
    (hope he didn't try and swallow it)
    That always concerns me.

    Anyway, chin up, best foot forward, shoulder to the wheel, you know the drill.
    ---And, regarding the glucose testing '- "Amazing how annoying a little prick can be."
    (Iron Man 2)

    Hang in there - you got people praying for 'ya!

    Stay safe up there, brother.

    1. Doc suggested I shell out for their diabetes dieting class. At 60% after deductible, I think not.

      I have went through a bunch of things that are internet suggested and yet edible. Fruit juices are on that list, but I'm not quite in the mood for them right now. I am about ready to crack open those blueberries- a friend at work suggested a substitute sugar to put on them.

      Hydration is indeed a thing. I drink water all day and take in a diet A&W to get me by... sorta.

      Yes, up a tree, no more than ten feet, though. And Scrappy really just wanted to sniff his butt...

      Swallowing the rawhide bone is a BIG concern to Laurie as well, as her last dog gagged on one. It may be a while before we both get time to watch him.

      I could do all this standing on my head if they could EVER make a diet Pepsi that didn't taste like it sat out all night in the rain.

  2. Love the pictures, as always. Better take care of yourself, don't wanna lose a foot ;) Pokey has challenged me to kick the soda for a week. I'm hoping to make it and impress her by not going back. We'll have to support one another through this journey huh!

    1. I don't know how much support I'll be... sometimes I think the only reason I gave up Pepsi is to give me one thing to concentrate my complaining on.

  3. I love salmon. There is a place up here that makes it with feta cheese, olives, etc. I could eat it every day.

    1. Salmon and feta... sounds yummy to me!

  4. Hi, Chris! I'm sorry I'm a day late but this Monday post just now appeared in my reader - I swear!

    You wrote:

    a) Changing the needle every time
    b) taking a reading twice a day
    c) pigs flying out of my butt

    (Choose two of three)

    Can I choose "C" twice? :)

    Hey, good buddy, I'm sorry to learn of your sugar imbalance, the need for meds and the lack of energy that you experienced. This post was written yesterday. I hope you are feeling even better today.

    Thanks for the pics of Scrappy. In that one pic, I can tell that he was demanding the Milk Bone that Shady promised him.

    Take care of yourself, good buddy. I was around your age when I started to make similar adjustments to my diet. And, heck, if I had enough will power to quit drinking, smoking and drugging cold turkey (all the same day), then I know you can kick the Pepsi habit if you must.

    Have a good one, Chris & Scrappy!

    1. You aren;t that late, I posted around 8 PM anyway. Party's always open!

      Today was somewhat better at both ends, but I have a 10-11 AM woozy time that is really getting on my nerves. Have to find a snack I'm not tempted to throw at co-workers!

      For me- at least right now- giving up the pepsi isn't near the issue that HAVING to give up the Pepsi is. I swear I don't understand how Mountain Dew can have a diet that tastes like Dew, A&W has a diet that tastes like root beer, but Pepsi cannot manufacture a diet pepsi that doesn't taste like "new Coke".

  5. It took me a while to find the chipmunk; he/she is camoflauged in there. You made me laugh with C, so I'm going to cross my fingers and guess: A & B.

    1. He didn't give me a chance to zoom, unfortunately. And, you win the prize on the multi-choice! Let me know if you want the extra disgusting bonus question...

  6. This diabetic is suppose to test her blood 6-8 times a day can you guess how often she does test her blood I will give you a hint it isn't 8 or 7 or 6 or even 5 or 4 I suck at testing my blood I am just too bloody lazy no lets say forgetful that sounds better

  7. I hope you can your sugar under control. Ray was diagnosed with it earlier this year and he is in DENIAL bigtime. I can't get through to him that taking his meds and eating carbs ;have a drastic effect in the long run. He's slowly coming around though. Fingers crossed for both of you.

    1. The best I felt all week was after snarfing a bag of Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies my boss gave me today. I'm right there with ya, Ray!