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Monday, November 2, 2015

Taking a walk or two...

The story begins Sunday, after the winds from Patricia finally ran their course.  About half of the outside edge of the woods was cleared by the winds, but inside the woods there were more leaves still on the tree....

And our big friend here is still pretty green!  Most of the woods is yellow now, though...

Then we hit a cleared spot that was worth checking out.  Why?

...because it was crawling with chipmunks feasting on... something...

"Nothing I'd eat, though."

Some idiot thought it would be a good idea to take a sneeze-selfie...

And Monday, we went to Appleseed....

"Oh, crap!  It's that damn dumb dog..."

5 minutes later, we arrive and Lt Columbo examines the scene.

The picture above is the spanking-new Bark Park at Appleseed.  Costs $70 per annum to get a "pooch pass".  Scrappy was mighty mad he couldn't join the fun, but I explained to him that it was for rich Democrat dogs and he was a poor Republican.


We chilled to Baby Bels at a spot just down from the boat ramp.

"Damn it, Daddy, look how much climbing we gotta do to get outta here!"

On the way home, he had to explore the base of the Coliseum Blvd bridge for some reason.

Then we headed home along the south end of the IPFW tree walk.  If you click on the pic, you'll see that this black tupelo has "lovely fall colors".

Daddy, is "nothing" a color?

At this point, Scrappy started doodling around, digging at mole tracks, anything he could think of to avoid crossing the bridge back for home.  Until a pretty young lady and her Lab ran past, and over the bridge.  Then it was a different story...

"C'mon, Daddy, run!  We're losing them!"

"Not gonna happen.  She's too young and I'm waaaay too old."

A flock of kildeer taking advantage of the low water to have a river party.

And on the way home, I spotted a plane pulling a banner.  Kinda unusual, so I had to take a picture to see what it was advertising:

Oh, yeah.  Election day is tomorrow.


  1. Hi, Chris! I want to thank you and Scrappy for taking me along again as you explored the woods and waters in your vicinity. It's getting late in the season now but you still managed to see some colorful fall foliage. Looks like Scrappy's sniffer was working overtime. He must have been hot on Granny's trail. I'm sorry you can't get a pooch pass for Bark Park. Heck, there's still plenty for you guys to see and do on the outside. Shady sez: "You're never too old to run after a pretty young lady." Shady also sez: "Tomorrow is election day. Exercise your right to vote. Vote for the liberal Democrat of your choice... but VOTE!"

    1. Ironically, the top liberal Democrat on our ballot just got accused by some nutbag website of being a Klan supporter...

  2. Chris: much has changed since Wifey and I were up there with you & Laurie...!
    That trail (3rd pic down) was CLEAR when we trekked it.

    $70 a YEAR???
    (definitely leftist)
    Scrappy doesn't need THAT park - he's got a GOOD one a lot CLOSER.

    That chipmunk is CUTE, too.
    Funny how even the river takes on a different hue (because of reflective colors from the foliage).

    Oh, so THAT is what it looks like to cross that bridge.
    (already made a note to self)

    Haven't seen a banner towing plane in a LONG while.
    Next thing 'ya know, someone will be SKY-WRITING!

    Excellent walk.
    Makes it easier when we see places we've been to.

    Nicely done.

    Stay safe up there, brother.
    (and baby-bel Scrappy)

    1. Excepting the under the bridge stuff, of course.

  3. Fabulous pictures. I had to laugh at Lt. Columbo. Remember his lazy Basset Hound named "Dog"? Lol