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What is it about nice people that attract total idiots?Nice people are martyrs. Idiots are evangelists.


Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Blanket statements

So today the pastor I usually listen to on the way home was doing a repeat, so I switched to Rush.  And the discussion was on Obama's latest Executive Orders on gun control.  (I was gonna say his "proclamation to the serfs", but that would be counter to what I'm going for here).  No idiot me, I knew there was more to the story than just what Scott Pelley said- which, I must add, I had ZERO problem with.  But as I listened a lady tried to tell Rush that the things concerning mental health and guns was something that her state, Illinois, had had the instructions for years- and NOT from Obamacare as Rush said.  She told him he shouldn't make such blanket statements, which is what got me thinking.

This post is not about gun control or Obamacare or executive orders, but blanket statements.  I got thinking to myself, the NRA is a lot like the Pro-Choice crowd.  IF all you see is the media interpretation, the NRA demands that ALL guns be legal from ALL sources without that nasty little background check.  And conversely, The feminists leading the pro-choice charge would seem to be women who, at first look, makes a man say, "I don't think SHE has anything to worry about", and seem to demand that any pregnancy SHOULD be ended at any time for any reason.

In between lies a lot of truth, but IF the media is correct, no one really cares.  Take for example, the "Occupy Oregon" thing taking place at that nature preserve.  Here we have a group of people- and yes, if you wanna take the shot, NRA members- thinking that they are making that brave last stand for their rights.

Here's what I think:  You are idiots even by your own standards- ESPECIALLY by your own standards.  You bring a bunch of non-local ringers into a local issue, which, by the way, the men involved would just as soon became a non-issue.  You come with guns, and Obama sits back and smiles.  The moment the dumbest among you takes a pot-shot at a sheriff, the President has all the reason in the world to enact even more draconian measures than the ones he issued this week- which is EXACTLY why he's keeping his hands off right now.  And you lose the battle for everyone that you THOUGHT you were fighting for everyone- when all you're really doing is protesting something that happened to someone who is happy just to serve their time.  There's only one cat winning this fight, and it ain't you.

And it ain't any of us.  Now you become poster children for "ban the NRA", paint all who do value states' rights as buffoons, and all because you only see your favorite extreme.  And anytime the extremist becomes the story, we all lose.  Ask the Muslims who just wanna live in peace about that one.  Or ask those who want to make a Christian stand against gay marriage about Westboro Baptist.

I am twitter following our good friend Al Penwasser, and through him I got followed by someone who follows a girl by the name of Brittany Pounders.  A lot of what she says is pretty intelligent, but her weakness is this very thing.  Witness a conversation between the two of us a long while back:

HER: Why in the world would anyone describe themselves as a "moderate." It just tells public you're too much of a pansy to take a side. #tcot

ME: That is not true.  I feel I am a moderate in that there can be a middle ground if we want it.

HER: Yep. Land of road kill.

Because I don't check off each and every box, I am "roadkill".  Or an Islamophobe, a homophobe, or a soldier in the war against women.  Because the media teaches us, there is no middle ground.  You agree, or you are an idiot.

This is why Roland Hansen and I get into it so much.  And this is why Shady and I don't.  Roland is quite willing to post things in such a way as to make sure to get a reaction.  And often, to one on the other side of those opinions, it isn't a good reaction.  Shady and I set differing political viewpoints aside and concentrate on the IMPORTANT things in life.  And it only takes a few minutes in the woods to realise, politics doesn't make the cut.

So see, you should elect me and Shady kings of the world, and let us straighten things out the right way.  And if we fail, well at least we didn't come armed.


I do want to bring up two little items.  One, I have decided how to do the Time Machine the next two weeks.  This week, the Beauty Contest will take center stage.  Next week, starting Monday, I'll post ten of the Martin Fifty each day, climaxing (ooh, he said climaxing) in the top ten within NEXT week's Time Machine.  The other thing, don't forget Project IS.  If you all have been helping me pray for that one person every day whose soul hovers on the brink, we have, God willing, saved 30 people from a fate worse than death, as well as potentially saving thousands of other lives.  When we pray together, Jesus promises to be in our midst, praying with us.  I trust Him that we are saving these lives, and I hope you all join me in this.  Thanks!


  1. Chris:
    I've told WIfey that I'm a moderate a LOT of many areas.
    There are also some areas where I am very passionate, but only after I've done some research to make sure I'm not spitting in the wind on a viewpoint.
    Then again, I'm still (very) old-school, and found out early on that the BEST way to KNOW something is to LEARN something, and NOT be tossed about by the winds of the media or of change.

    I'm a member of the NRA, but that doesn't mean I follow even THEM in lockstep.
    There are a few points we disagree on, and others we're in complete agreement. (guess that makes me a

    I don't post anything to get a rise outta anyone...what I post is meant to get people to THINK, which is something many in today's society have stuck on the back burner.
    They'd much rather allow others to think FOR them...not a good idea.

    A VERY well-expressed post.

    Stay safe up there, brother.

    1. Not sure when moderate became a bad word... you almost are made to feel like you should apologize. Guess what, as long as both sides spew BS, no apologies.

  2. This may be a repeat. I think I deleted my last comment. Maybe not. Who knows?
    I prefer to think of a moderate as "a person with a brain who can make a decision for himself."
    Incidentally, I thought the same thing about Oregon.
    BTW, I was lisyening to the VERY SAME caller on Rush while driving to work.
    Okay, I HOPE this isn't a duplicate. If it is, two Penwasser blurbs for the price of one.

    1. I was nice and moderated the longer one. Cool?

      Like your definition better than Brittany's, that's for sure.

    2. Nuts, even though I spelled "listening" wrong.
      And I call myself a writer.
      Not a terribly successful one, though.

    3. I was gonna say something, but moments before I had spelled my name Chirs on FB. Caught it, but glass houses and all.

  3. I find those who make blanket statements are usually speaking out of their ass, I don't get why so many Americans have a problem with background checks before owning a gun

    1. 1- Not all are speaking out their ass, but sometimes you need to dig a little deeper on your opinions. Most though are.

      2- I don't either- except that the ham-handed actions of the government are scaring people into believing that those checks will be used to eliminate everyone. That's why whenever Obama speaks, gun sales spike.

  4. Thanks, Chris!

    I do view you as a moderate and a reasonable man, and I appreciate what you wrote about me here. I have learned not to lock horns with people over politics and religion but rather to seek common ground and celebrate what we have in common. As it turned out, you and I have a great deal in common and we have a great time celebrating.

    Thanks again, Chris!

    1. And so, when do we go about conquering the world?