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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

And now, we return Indiana to its regularly scheduled spring

So the last couple of weeks showed that the trees, at least, were smart in not sprouting quite yet.  But the last two days have been a bit warmer, if not quite warm enough...

Finally we have our first dandelions in the neighborhood.

You might not like them, but me?  They aren't MY worry anymore- the more, the merrier!

Scrappy photobombs for the first time

"But it's right over... where the heck..."

Nice of the trees to give the undergrowth a good start

This stuff is called Amber Jelly Roll.  Or Willow Brain, but I like the other better.

My first Dutchman's Breeches.  All of the others- and there weren't many- I saw were browned.  I think they just started popping when that damn cold spell came through.

I believe this is Prairie trillium.

Violets are started...

First snack along the way- wild onions!  All over the place down Groundhog Road.  Sometimes you get a nice hot one, but not today.

Workers are installing underground sprinklers.  Marking them with what appears to be plastic broom straws.

First roll-over of the year.

Scrappy's favorite puddle.  Usually filled with leaf-flavored water (doggie tea?), but still his favorite.

Woody was happy to pose.... from WAAAAY up.

Raspberries are leafing out...

Downtown skyline

"Okay, so wading in South Canal wasn't a great idea..."
IDK why, but someone anchored styrofoam "buoys" near the landing.  Maybe protecting the boat landing from "all those speedboats", or maybe IPFW is planning on somehow removing all the water in that area to pave it over for joggers.

I counted over a dozen little turtles in the swamp...

...and grandpa by himself.

Hey!  A little privacy here!

Th-th-th-that's all, folks!


  1. Hi, Chris!

    This was a very enjoyable nature walk. I'm as excited about it as Scrappy was. Your camera captured some excellent shots of the flora and fauna of your locale. That Amber Jelly Roll fungus makes my mouth water. Garnish with a few wild onions and wash it down with leaf-flavored creek water and you've got yourself the perfect picnic lunch. I like the shots of the woodpecker, the turtles and, of course, my buddy Scrappy.

    Thanks, Chris!

  2. Chris:
    You know your botany well,
    You've got a LOT up there that I've never heard of. And hopefully, the "tree experts" will keep their mitts OFF of the foliage for a (long) while.

    Yeah, those (expletive of choice) DANDELIONS are coming up ALREADY. Dug a few out of our back yard. NO ONE weeds around here, so we get to be the recipients of other's "lack of care".

    Our hyacinths are blooming, and didn't seem to take THAT bad a hit from the cold snaps overnight.
    Got some columbines peeking out along with our Asian lilies.
    Scrappy does have his amount of fun out there.
    I'm glad you both enjoy it as much as you do.
    (I know Wifey and I did).
    YOU have woodpeckers
    We've had three different sub-species (I think we've hit the limit there) at our suet cake.
    Hard to sneak up on 'em and get a good picture when they're close to ground-level.

    Another great walk.

    Stay safe up there, brother.

  3. Snowdrops are my favourite. Dandelions are one of my favs too, I never understood people waging war on their gardens to get rid of them. They take over, keep blooming nice and bright yellow, and require zero work.

    I would love to do a picture of Scrappy. My skills at drawing humans though... they're kind of nonexistent.

  4. And thank goodness for that!
    But now it looks like I need to cut the grass.
    Well, talk about your mixed blessing.

  5. I enjoyed this walk you know more about outdoors stuff then me I know I like nothing, just saying