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Monday, April 25, 2016

Monday odds and ends

Odds:  Pretty good that you pick up a paper and learn like Keith Richards did:

Last night I found out that we added a #1 to the pop and R&B pile of hits by now deceased acts, as Billy Paul passed on Sunday.  He was famous for having a thing going on with Mrs. Jones, and is but the latest in a parade of musicians and singers vacating the planet this year.  Is it really worse this year than any other year?  Survey says:  YES. A recent BBC article gave us the facts, Jack.

They have a file, like most news organizations, of ready made obits for celebrities, and they published a table on how often they had been dipping into it.  In just the first three months of 2016 (which leaves out Merle, Prince, and Billy), see how this year stacks up to the past few years.

2012- 5 obits pulled from the files.

2013- 8.

2014- 11.

2015- 12.

2016- 24.

Another example cited in the article was the Daily Mirror's gallery of famous deaths.  In 2014 at this time, the gallery was 38 strong.  Last year at this point, 30.  This year- 75.

Whether you blame it on when the fascination with celebrities started, the age of the "baby boomers", or my own advancing age, that's a LOT of deaths.


I feel I need to give Ted Cruz some advice.  Since he's always hitting me up for campaign contributions by e-mail, I feel I have the right to offer it.

The other night, I was half listening to a campaign ad.  It seemed reasonable, peaceful, a non-attack ad.  A positive ad.  At the end, I heard, "I'm Donald Trump, and I approve this message."

Hmm, that was a pleasant surprise.  Followed right after by a Cruz ad depicting a vote for John Kasich as a vote for Trump.  "Kasich mathematically has no chance," the ad explains, "If you want to stop Trump, vote for me."

REALLY?  So, Ted, what you're saying is that Hoosiers are too stupid to understand the issues, and you have to SCARE them into voting for you.  How about telling us WHY you are a better choice than Kasich or Trump.  Ted might be the best choice for President, but I am beginning to see that the reason he trails Trump is he has NO IDEA HOW TO RUN A CAMPAIGN.  First clue, Ted- stop being a PENIS and treat voters like they have half a brain.  It isn't the Democratic primary, after all (you knew I had to throw that one in somewhere...).


And now, Sunday walk to Shoaff Park pictures...

Scrappy ran into a couple of old friends, including this lady beagle and his dalmatian buddy.

Moss is cool...

Lots of blue jays

They were practicing river rescues.  And, peeing in the woods.

Scrappy:  water dog.  Any water.

"Just cause we're at the 2 1/2 mile point doesn't mean I WANT to rest..."

"Y'all come back now, heah?"


  1. Chris:
    I heard about Billy Paul - great artist.
    I know I liked his music a LOT. Be nice to have as good a performer today.
    In fact, he's right up there with Percy Sledge (who passed about the SAME time LAST year).
    WTH is going ON here?
    We're losing TOO many.

    So, you got bit by the "take a walk in another park" bug, huh?
    I've never been to SHOAFF, either.
    Like to visit that place they moved that M-41 tank to (think it's WEST of you guys).
    As usual, some great photos.
    (and no leaning trees to move upright).
    That's a relief...LOL.

    Stay safe up there, brother.