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Monday, June 27, 2016

Black Pines 2016

So a trip to Black Pines animal rescue Saturday with KC, Jessica, and the young'ns.

I had animals to deal with in the back seat on the way up... did KC in the front.

Saw them when we first pulled in.  Never saw them again.

This guy had a big part in the second half of the story.

Lemmee out, damn you!  I tooted and there's no ventilation!

Remind me to be excited later.

Lily, on the cougars hiding in their houses:  "Maybe they're taking a pee."

The long climb back up from the bear area.  Jessica (pregnant) and I (old) declined that part of the feeding tour.

I got a lot of tiger photos.  Because they have a LOT of tigers.

I call this one, Bird Brain

At this point, the bird is miffed because we're all ready for the tour and no one is coming to see him.  Unfolds his feathers, rocks up and down, and screams like he just entered the sixth ring of hell.  Tell me again how you'd like one for a pet.  I'll wait for your ears to clear.

A small fraction of the tour group

If you're reading this, I apologize, but this guy's name was Luna.

Normally, I take mine with a dash of spirits, but it's so beastly warm today...

My favorite, Joey the Patagonian cavy.

Hey!  Gimme that!

Like I said, lots of tiger pics.  But my favorite... this one.

Even at feeding time, the heat was wearing out some animals...

Mufasa is the star of the show... and he knows it.

And, she's out.


  1. Chris:
    I know it must been a bit on the oppressive side with the heat, but it still looks like everyone had a very good time.

    I love the work that Black Pines does with these critters. You know they're treated well.
    And it also looks like they get very good HUMAN turnouts to boot.

    Hopefully, none of you came back too wilted.
    Great post.

    Stay safe (and keep cool) up there, brother.

    1. The kids were wore out, and Jess had had enough, but KC drug me to Wrigley Field afterwards..

  2. Great pictures of the gorgeous animals ( 2 legged and all others). I loved the lemur and your commentary was spot on.

  3. So many animals and so much fun be it exhausting fun can't blame the little one for giving into sleep at the end of the day many of us feel like that after a big day out