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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Doo doo doo sitting in my back yard

So we were sitting out back this afternoon listening to the Pat Miller Show on WOWO, and I thought I would share some reactions to the topics that came up.


As many of you no doubt know, the carnage to be that is the upcoming games in Brazil are spiraling ever downward.  First responders who haven't been paid in five months are warning people that they are taking their lives in their hands here, and none too subtly.  At the international airport there:

This, of course is just the tip of the sewage dump, and Laurie asked how it is that somebody thought sending the games to a podunk like Brazil was a good idea in the first place.  "If they had used logic or common sense," she added.

So I explained to her the common sense of it.  Follow:  First, let's look at the similar case of FIFA choosing Qatar for the World Cup Soccer upcoming.  Why on earth would you allow a tournament that involves games played on grass (at least traditionally) to be played in a desert?  We found out soon enough- FIFA leadership has spent the last decade or so tripping over each other to take bribes, and here comes a nation with more idle money per square foot (based on 2010 GDP, about $6400 PSF) than I can make in 2 1/2 months with OT, and guess what happens.  Second, the President of Brazil is currently under suspension looking at impeachment because most of the government has taken bribes from the state-run petroleum company Petrobras (which sounds like oil-based undergarments to me).  Third, the people that run the IOC are the same kinda joes that run FIFA.  Any questions?


The media goes on and on trying to figure out why this happened when it did.  Again, there's an easy answer.  Several months back, Turkey shot down a Russian bomber that allegedly cut across Turkish airspace for about 3.7 seconds.  Putin went ballistic, cutting ties with the Turks until Russia got an apology.  Eight months later- also known to you and I as the day BEFORE the attack- Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan apologized to Russia.  And a sleeper cell, just waiting to see if he would dare to kowtow to the hated "westerners", made him pay for it.

Terrorists aren't hard to figure out.  They are so empty of the joy and meaning of life, and so unskilled in virtually any positive means of living, that they are basically just mass-murder machines looking for an excuse to vent.  Erdogan was a turkey if he didn't see it coming.  Oh, wait...


One of the things I have been speculating on with Bobby G is just why our dear mayor (alternately known as King Tom) was so desperate for more civic income.  For you out of towners, he recently tried to annex a large section to the northeast of the city, ostensibly bringing civilization, Christianity, and city water and sewage to a bunch of people who really didn't want it (and with the water company's 30 % rate increase recently getting shot down, who could blame them?), and it got voted down.  In what appeared at the time to be a fit of pique, he then had his toadies in city council pass a new "wheel tax" to "improve our road infrastructure".  That did go through a few days ago, and I kept asking, what has he done to us that he needs quick money so bad?

Well today, he announced the first phase of a $20 million riverfront development.  “Our time is now to make Fort Wayne’s riverfront a world-class development,” said Henry. “We must be committed to moving our City forward to continue the positive momentum we’re experiencing. "

Ah, another playground for the Ft Wayne elite.  Now we get it.  So I'm guessing that means that road infrastructure fund is going to grow a bit slower that we thought, hmm?


We had been discussing the Brexit- and who isn't?- and I mentioned that Britain looks to be making former London mayor and still whackjob Boris Johnson the new Prime Minister, and I noted how he and Trump being in charge of the Free World would likely really give Putin something to laugh about.  Moments later, I did a quick survey of our other allies, wondering if the next President of France might be Jerry Lewis, and adding the current PM in Canada, Pierre Trudeau's son, I believe, isn't exactly tightly knit together either.  Just then Pat mentions that the latest words of wisdom from our POSUS was from a tri-lateral presser with Trudeau and the poor schmuck running Mexico.  "Did you ever think you'd see the day,"  I asked, when those three would be together and the Mexican would be the smartest man in the room?"


  1. Chris:
    ---On Topic 1 - Okay, I knew Laurie was someone who definitely "gets it", and she proved it well (again) by saying the words LOGIC and COMMON SENSE (something those in power seem to have in short supply these WTG, dear.
    All the tea in China would not get me to Rio...not with JUST the crime they've had there for YEARS!
    (makes our SE side look tame in some ways)
    Those Joes are just plain setting this all up to fail, no matter what they "think" they're doing right.
    ---You covered topic 2 extremely well...kudos. Won't add a word.
    ---Topic 3 - Marvelous backstory AND update on our revered "monarch". Well done.
    (and he should be...heh)
    ---On Topic 4 - I'd like to think than rather than make Putin LAUGH, it might scare the BEJEESUS outta him with the possible leaders we have "in the wings".
    As for the Mexican being the "smartest" in the room?
    Well, it's either a very SMALL room...OR, someone is redefining what it means to be SMART (in the political arena).

    Very good post.
    Stay safe & enjoy the weather up there, brother.

    1. Well, in that three-man room, who's gonna top him?

  2. Chris:
    Oh, you meant there were three MEN in the
    I didn't notice a single ONE.
    Sorry, I misunderstood.

  3. I was scratching my head at Qatar for the FIFA World Cup. It's always about money! Brazil managed to get through the last World Cup but there were many glitches. Makes you wonder why the Olympic Committee would go there. Oh right - money, again. :P I wouldn't want to go there!

    Good points about the terrorist attacks in Turkey.

    The rich always get their way in any municipality. I see that here too, all the time. Money talks - again!

    You don't like our Prime Minister? ☺ To many, Trudeau is the golden boy. Sounds like you're not a fan of Obama's either. Lucky you - he'll be gone soon.

    1. Frankly, I'd trade you term for term for Obama. Only if you take a lease on Hillary as well.

      Much Like our POSUS, I tend to think Golden Boys are generally tarnished to one extent or another. Of course, what looks like tarnish on Obama Smells a bit strong for rust... ;)