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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The debate- C'mon look at the bright side!

And that would be... Hmmm...

I watched precious little of the debate, mainly because Hillary has a voice that, were I Bill, I'd have the doctor clip her chords during her next major surgery.  'Nails and chalkboard' is demeaning to chalkboards everywhere, but I digress.  The thing that was/is fascinating to me is that the snippets I watched seem to be the snippets everyone was talking about on social media.  To wit:

-The three minute bloviation about how Trump "had to be hiding something terrible" in his tax returns, followed by Trump's almost casual mention of the list of her SecState staffers taking the fifth on the e-mail scandal.  If he did nothing else right, he certainly nailed her there.

-The deal about the contractors he allegedly didn't pay ("allegedly" meaning "I'm not bothering to dig into this" not "every word out of Hillary's mouth is a lie"), and his answer that they maybe didn't do a good job.  If they don't do a good job, you don't give them a tip (or further business).  You don't pay them period, they'd have better committed something so stupid it sticks in your memory.

-The "birther" thing.  I tried to turn this part off, but Monday Night Football was in a "New Orleans' pathetic defense just gave up another Tevin Coleman TD" break, and had to come back.  His commentary on that one was so non-linear chronologically, it's a good thing Hillary had her face done by Mannequins are Us, or she'd have never been able to say.  “Just listen to what you heard.” with a straight one.

-The racial healing/police thing.  If Hillary had been capable of saying "people need to show respect for the police" BEFORE saying, "Police need to respect the people", I might have given her an edge on this one.  You respect authority.  People aren't authority, police are, so sorry to those of you that feel that this equals "Fascist police state".  But Trump left her off this hook with his racial healing "I have nothing to say" line.  Reminded me of the worst punt I ever saw, by Zenon Andrusyshyn for KC back in '78.  Straight up, straight down, downed 5 yards downfield.

- "I have a plan to fight ISIS on My website" Hillary tells us.  Right where ISIS can read it, says Trump.  "“I don’t think General Douglas MacArthur would like that too much.” He shoots, he scores again.

-NAFTA.  Hillary is still too enmeshed to see that, as Trump so eloquently puts it and I paraphrase in the words I've been using for decades, NAFTA is only good for our decline to third world power status.

But even at that, you have to look at how these two presented themselves.  Trump, as always, comes into the debate looking like he just woke up after a frat party, showing no evidence of substantial preparation.  Hillary, conversely, looked like young Betty Anderson on Father Knows Best winning yet another speech award back at Springfield High.  Just not as pretty.  And YET, he managed to catch her in the more substantial lies (including one that CNN pulled up a clip to show she was lying at the after party, I am told).

Was there a winner?  One tweet during the debate suggested "Today I learned that the real only winner is the voyager probe that's speeding away from earth at 39600miles/hour."  Me, I looked at it just like the GOP debates- if this were a scripted show, some HBO drama, Trump's bumbling, stumbling rhetoric would get him laughed off the stage.  Yet, every debate polls show he won substantially.  I kept saying, He HAS to pay people to take these polls.

Last night, CNBC had him winning 67% to 33.  Time had Trump 55-45.

CNBC and Time.  Wow, that must REALLY cost!


  1. Chris:
    ---The BRIGHT side is that even with basic cable, I had PLENTY of other channels to choose, aside from the debate...LMAO!
    ---LOVE the chalkboard mention...well said.
    ---Yeah, he DID nail her there, but there was NO follow-up. He coulda had her on the damn ropes at that point alone.
    ---Clinton's makeup...HAH!!!
    ---TOTALLY agree w/ the policing gig...authority lies with those who we hire and charge with it...PERIOD!
    (and Trump gave her a pass on THAT!?!)
    ---I did like the MacArthur reference (even if Truman couldn't stand him).
    ---I hated NAFTA when it was FIRST proposed...and now I can see why.
    Yeah, 3rd WE come.
    ---ROFL...that VOYAGER probe call is great!
    ---MY guess as to WHY Trump passed muster was that more people are finding out the depth and extent of Clinton's LIES.
    (at Least trump's lies didn't place our nation AT RISK, right?)

    Very good post.

    Stay safe up there, brother.

    1. "I didn't follow up" might be Trump's eulogy...

  2. You have an interesting take on the debate, Chris. I watched the whole thing from beginning to end and was not impressed to any great degree by either candidate. My take on the debate is simply this: Generally speaking overall, I believe those who supported Trump before the debate think he did well and those who supported Clinton before the debate think she did well. I don't believe either candidate was able to sway the "undecided" voter to any great degree.
    To say that I was unimpressed by either candidate or by the debate itself would be an understatement.

    1. That was my overwhelming take on it, too. I keep thinking that writing in Mickey Mouse would be a good idea. Or better yet- start from scratch with the Veep nominees...

  3. I don't give much stock to the Polls. Many of them let you vote as often as you like. Honestly, the only way to vote in November is to take the issues you feel strongly about and see where that lies on each platform. I don't think anyone can honestly say that they particularly like a candidate, but maybe that they can find one that their views align with on the platform.... because if they die in office, what you're left with is the platform.

    I'm more interested in the outcome of our state questions, as they'd effect my family day to day.

    1. That's why I still think Trump has a paid cadre of poll-respondants. Voting over and over, just enough to give him a slightly unbelievable win. I sure hope your state issues aren't as nasty as ours. When Evan Bayh told us "People say I became a lobbyist- well, that's just a lie", I nearly choked.

    2. We have 4 questions, Q1 for more casino table licences, Q2 for more charter schools (from the public school budget), Q3 on livestock space requirements (they need to be able to do the hokey pokey) and Q4 on legalizing Pot for rec. use.

      I think I know which way I'm going on all four, and of course, Tony is voting opposite of me just to piss me off. :)

  4. Okay, I was all serious reading this (BTW, very well done), but that Voyager crack made me laugh out loud.
    We all need to laugh more, huh?

    1. Which to an extent is why I wrote this- good catch!

  5. This is a hilariously accurate summary, Chris. And what about all the sniffling Trump did? What was he snorting?

    1. Okay, that might be the ONE part I missed. But a FB friend counted that Hillary blinked her eyes 87 times during one of Trumps answers, so it's a wash.