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Friday, December 30, 2016

Time Machine Coordinates VVI4092016Omega

And welcome to the most mashed mash up in Time Machine history- a thorough mixture of the week's M10 and the top of the year-end M50!  Included in the mix are three new M10 debuts and three tunes that belong to BOTH lists!  So strap in- and take notes, because you won't be able to keep track without a program!

First, the highest M10 debut:

This one I heard on the radio the other day.  They do a "recycled hits" feature where they play an original hit followed by a cover.  Sometimes you get a winner, sometimes a stinker, but this one had a hard time losing, because the original was the Stones' Gimme Shelter!  The cover was from a disc of covers called Re(disc)overed from the hard rockers Puddle Of Mudd, back in 2011.  And this week, it debuts at #8 on the M10...

M50 #8, then, it's only fair...

And at #8, we have a three time #1 from the Beach b... ooops, make that The Explorers Club!  California's Calling Ya, and the wonderful Beach Boys tribute video, can be had here.

This one made both charts, too...

...but we heard the M50 placement way back at #36.  On this week's M10, though, Agnes Obel slips a pair to #6 with Mary.

The last non #1 on the M50...

...Is one of the top five- a group that was set in stone a long time back.  The second hit (virtually at the same time) for Nada Surf, Believe You're Mine, pointed at #13 but makes the 50 at #5.  Another KEXP video live can be seen here.

And the first of the three double-top tens...

... is at #10 on the 50 and down one to #7 on the weekly chart- Radiation City's Come And Go, for which you can catch the audio there on that link.

Here is the current three-member lineup.  It will be a five-piece here in a minute...
And now, debut #2...

... coming in at #9 on this week's chart, it's the return of Ducktails, with another song I pulled off the lp St Catherines...

If you recall, they had the #1 Headbanging In The Mirror back in January- as well as back at #39 on the 50.

Meanwhile, at #4 on the M50...

...another 3 week #1, this one for Eleanor Friedberger, and Two Versions Of Tomorrow.  Her video, which I hadn't seen before, is right here.

The bigger, but not necessarily better....

...Radiation City of 2013 comes in at #4 on the M10 this week, up 4 spots, with Zombies.

With both Elisabeth Ellison and Patti King then...

And the reason why nobody's in point order... because sometimes you get stuck behind a song that doesn't let you through in time.  Such a song will be coming up momentarily, but the one that WOULD have been higher than #28 pointwise IS higher on the non-point based M50.  At #6, I give you case/lang/veirs and Honey And Smoke...

Our second double-dipper...

...on most charts would have been too new to make a year-end chart.  In fact, when I cobbled together the M50, it would have only pointed at #33.  Now, though, it would have fallen just outside the top ten.  On the M10 this week, it is #2 for a second week after 3 at #1; on the M50, it comes in #9... and that song is the El Michels Affair with the Shacks and Strange Boy.

Now, for that big bully...

...who kept Honey And Smoke (among others) out of the top spot for the month of June, and finishes both points and M50 at #2-  Tangerine with You'll Always Be Lonely.

This week's M10 big mover.... Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears with PTP, moving 5 to #5.

Our last debut... a Canadian band whose style has been called originally "gay church folk music".  Nowadays, though, The Hidden Cameras go for a less flamboyant style, and this song reaches across the genres.  I would suspect you might be hearing this one here next year....

Day I Left Home comes in at #10 this week.

See what THIS one started...

The first time I played what was soon to be the three-week #1 Keep It Warm by Flo and Eddie for my son KC, the verse, "make a better world from the old one/make yourself a baby and hold one..." really hit him- but I didn't know how hard when, 8 weeks later, Jessica told me she was 8 weeks along with the upcoming Peanut.

"...and that's the story of how YOU came along..."
Keep It Warm, from the 1976 lp Moving Targets, is the year's #3 and you can hear it here... but wear a condom just in case!

More Shacks!  More Shacks!

But of course!  This Strange Effect holds at #3 on the M10 this week.

And the final double dipper...

...would have been 54th had I went by points at the time.  Now, it would have been mid 20s after 2 weeks at the top.  But instead, it places at #7, and still sits at #1 on the weekly chart...

... Melody's Echo Chamber with I Follow You!!!!!!!!!

And that brings us to the top of the fifty...

...and the song I knew would be there right from first listen...

And there we go!  Come back next time, when I MIGHT do 1978, but I WILL do the Beauty Contest!!!!!


  1. Chris:
    ---Gimme Shelter - very good cover!
    (they do the Stones proud)
    ---Hopefully, Agnes will be making a comeback in 2017.
    ---Ducktails...another good find.
    ---Tangerine - somehow, I just KNEW they'd make it high on the M50.
    ---Nice 5-spot jump for Black Joe Lewis.
    ---The Hidden Cameras - decent song. A toe-tapper.
    ((Love the little "mittens" on Peanut.))
    ---Listening to the Jayhawks just makes sense that they'd be at the top of the M50...a song done VERY RIGHT. (nice harmony, good vocals and melody). Hard to find anything wrong with it.
    ---Looking forward to the beauty contest in 20187, too (YOWZAH!!!)

    Keep those hits comin' up there, brother.
    (and hope we don't keep losing musicians in the coming year)

    1. Absolutely that was why Jayhawks went that high. I'm hoping your finger was a bit fat, though- I don't think I'll be here to do the Beauty Contest in 18,000 years, lol!

  2. LOKL...yes, stayed a bit too long on the numeric pad...heh.
    That's 2-0-1-7.
    (still, 18,000 years...a mere side trip in the TARDIS, right?)