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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The more things change...

This is kind of an extension to the "personal life" section of my last post- while I would say I am far, far from disaster mode, the wonderful set of coincidental stupidity just keeps coming.  First, for those of you not Indiana bound, we have gone from two nice if rainy afternoons in the 50s and 60s (or 10s to 15s if you do the C thing) to coming out to my car after work and spending three or four minutes brushing SNOW off my car.

Add in the continuation of "reset hell" on my cutter at work.  A brief look at statistics will tell the tale.  This year so far, I had been averaging over 260 panels cut a day.  Monday and Tuesday I averaged 137, and got 193 today.  To put it another way, my stupid machine reset 30 times today- once for every 6.4 panels I cut.  Best estimate, I've lost a rack full of boat covers over the last 3 days.  Solution?  While I have been assured that it is "in the works" and is being given its due priority, as far as I know, the only progress having been made is an e-mail sent Monday to our Missouri plant (You know? those fine folks that sent us the Haney) that was totally ignored, and re-sent today, with a cc to our plant manager just to scare them.  I know thing go faster with corporate if they know a plant manager is in the loop, looks like it's the only way to get results in Missouri as well.

Mind you, I am not trying to bash the factory I work at, nor the people therein.  But I get a bit frustrated when I hear all the talk at higher levels of "efficiency" and "standardization across the plants", and yet here I sit fighting this machine for the last twenty work hours waiting for someone outside our plant to have the common courtesy to return a frickin' e-mail.

Now, fast forward to dinnertime, in which I nuked a Michelina's Five Cheese Lasagne.  Now, you know I'm not big on doing food reviews.  But... do you remember Clara Peller?

Well, I coulda used Clara when I opened my lasagne and asked...


Honest to God, this "five cheese" dish had barely a dusting of something that may have been cheese between two of the five noodles.  So, to combat cheese deprivation (and after firing off an e-mail to Michelina's*), I decided to make some "Chris nachos", which are basically potato chips with sliced mushrooms and a layer of every cheese in the house at the time.

HOWever, someone- I don't think it was me, but can't be sure- bought styrofoam paper plates instead of the FAR superior paper ones, and only a minute and ten secs of microwave time left my "nachos" resting on two large melted holes.  Thanks, Obama!

(* For anyone wanting to write and complain to Michelina's, be sure to use a paper plate (styrofoam will do here) and a magnifying glass, because they will ask for their best-by date and product ID number, both of which are invisibly indented on the bottom of the box in which your cheeseless meal lies.)

So after all of that, I believe I shall just go upstairs and read.  I don't think the house will catch on fire if I don't place the book on the light bulb, and the meteor will have a better chance of getting me by my big bedroom window.


  1. Boy did you just bring back some memories with that Wendy's commercial reference. And now I feel old. Thanks, Obama!

    By the way, how long before it's Thanks, Trump?

    1. When good stuff starts happening...

    2. Chris:
      ---You know MY thoughts on this pneumonia-weather.
      (yuck comes to mind)
      ---Here's an idea for your machine: ONLY cut 6.3 panels...
      well, the theory is sound)
      ---Yeah, those words of wit (well half of it anyway) from those on high always were a source of amusement for me.
      ---Wifey likes Michelina's mac and cheese and fettuccini Alfredo. I do the Salisbury steak and meat loaf.Best frozen lasagna: ON-COR.
      (other than that...homemade)
      ---C' guy like you microwaving STYROFOAM? I thought I taught you better than
      (you COULD always save and use the michelina's lasagna container.
      (Again, the theory is sound)
      ---I know you can store those entrees in the freezer for a couple months w/o freezer burn.

      Nah, no chance of a meteor hit...I got dibs with that and a few neighboring houses...LMAO!

      Hang in there.
      Stay safe (and Styrofoam-free) up there, brother.

    3. Hey, I was having a BAD day, I'm entitled.