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Monday, February 20, 2017

Weekend catch-up

What a wonderful weekend weather-wise.  Ol' Scrappy and I logged close to 8 miles, and the sunshine seems to help him tons.

Morning doves, kings of the road...

"Am I near-sighted, or are you the most beautiful hen I ever... no, near-sighted.  You're a stick."

And there you have it- utility work on the trail is so unpopular, it says, "No support" right on their structures

For some reason, they've put a nice long boardwalk in between two of the tower structures.  Guessing they don't trust the eroding river side of the trail there.

Redwings were singing all over Saturday morning.

Ducks lifting off

Scrappy investigates a new element, called straw

And inspects the heavy equipment
And, an obligatory stop at the (soon-to-be) Green Hole.

At the duck pond

That night, former co-worker Robin got us together for the second year at the VFW Valentine dinner and dance...

Music actually by the Junk Yard Band

But if you zoom in, the singer looked like Jack Nicholson, and the white haired dude dancing was a good facsimile of Frankie Valli.

And Robin's guy was a Bill Clinton ringer.

Chris:  "Do something Clinton would do!  Grab her ass!"

Left to right:  Jack Nicholson, lovely current co-worker Celeste, yours truly in Dent May attire trying to dance, Bill Clinton who can twist like you would not believe.

Celeste and Ron

I guess I should mention that a) "Bill Clinton's" actual name is Dan, and b) he's not a pervert like Bill so Celeste was never in any danger.

$10  of 50/50 tickets shot up the butt as usual, might as well build a house with them...


This lady was the life of the party.  I'm guessing she had a couple of decades on me, but she danced nearly every fast song, and even drug my butt out there once!

And now, the pics I stole from Robin...

They had these new "experimental shots" called Tainted Love.  Grenadine, some kind of strawberry tequila stuff, and Bailey's.  Darn good.

Robin and Dan

Y'know, I never knew that heart was up there until I saw the picture...

Whatever it was, it was damn funny

One more time, Frankie and Jack


  1. So that's why Jack Nicholson hasn't been in any movies lately... good to see him keeping busy, I guess?

    And that's a life lesson, right there. Find you a woman who looks at you the way that duck looks at that stick.

  2. Chris:
    ---Okay, so at least TWO people I know had a great weekend. Count Scrappy and make that THREE.
    ---Love that "no support" tag on the "bridge"...could mean TWO things, actually...heh.
    ---Last time I saw a boardwalk, it had a Mr. Peanut store, a Salt-Water Taffy place and a Laura's Fudge emporium...oh, and the Atlantic Ocean was CLOSE by.
    Those dozers and such remind me of "The Conga Line" in the movie AIRPORT...they coming to MY neighborhood? I don't think we have ENOUGH here yet.
    ---The party...what can I say that probably hasn't already been said?
    Dent May strikes again?
    I know I'm getting older...I used to frequent affairs like that at the Legion Post and a couple other "police bars" in the day (in Philly).
    Just not into that these days...don't want to bother people with any sort of "life-story" should they ask...I might kill them with boredom...LOL.
    (or shock them to death with fright)
    Either way.

    Glad you guys had a blast.

    Stay safe (and not hung-over) up there, brother.

  3. 8 miles is bloody great, I can't walk 8 feet let alone 8 miles, I did do just over an hour on my wi fit this morning, I do an hour at least each morning which is something I guess.