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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Martin World News

ITEM:  How better to mark (so to speak) the return of MWN than with  the story of State Rep Jessica Farrar of Texas, party you'll soon be able to guess.  Her obsession is being pro-choice (see? I told you it would be easy), and that means she's hopelessly hooked to the philosophy of "my body, my choice", and never looks over her shoulder at the human once-life behind her in the trash can.  Since the whole thing is MBMC to her, it is not surprising her next "logical" step.  A bill (which admittedly she doesn't expect to be seriously considered) follows this trail:  If women are to be faced with all these horrible regulations (like her abortionist actually being a QUALIFIED doctor with hospital admitting rights, etc), then a MAN's part of the "oops, I've reproduced" process should also be regulated.  Thus, she demands that a man have to take classes prior to getting ED medicine, vasectomies, or a colonoscopy (?).  She also thinks a man should be fined $100 for masturbating (that alone would balance the budget faster than Trump can say, "Build that wall"), and doctors should have the right to refuse to do elective vasectomies and colonoscopies (again, ?) on "religious or moral grounds".

"Why colonoscopies? It's an LGBT thing..."

Proving once again there is no depth of stupidity you can reach if you just ignore that nasty problem of respect for human life.

ITEM:  In the ill-named city of Usuki, Japan, one Takashi Yamanouchi was arrested after being discovered living above a park's public restroom building.

He was discovered by an electrician making repairs, and apparently moved in after a previous "occupant" moved out.

He's thought to have accessed the relatively spacious loft space by climbing on top of the toilet stalls and squeezing through a maintenance hatch. A local authority employee who accompanied police said that the squat was "neat and tidy" with a gas stove, electric heater and clothing. 

But MY problem with the whole thing was the part that came next...

The only blot on the unwelcome lodger's copybook was 500 plastic bottles which appeared to be full of urine, police say.

You live above toilets, dude.  You couldn't at least just "hang it out"?

ITEM:  This next story isn't bizarre on its own, but....

Parents in Zimbabwe who cannot afford school fees can offer livestock such as goats or sheep as payment, a government minister has said.

My deal here is that certain of my FB friends would no doubt respond to this with a meme showing an ISIS fighter and a goat or camel, saying, "That's no fee- that's my WIFE!"

ITEM:  I had to laugh at the story of a feud developing between hard rock conservative Ted Nugent and com-symp leftist David Crosby.  Apparently one of the many thousands of hollywood types that can't stand someone having an opinion other than their own, Crosby greeted a picture of Nugent meeting President Trump in the White House with the tweet, “pair of “a--holes.”

Nugent, on the radio, returned fire in a much kinder, more respectful way:

“David Crosby, he’s kind of a lost soul, and he’s done so much substance abuse throughout his life that his logic meter is gone,” Nugent said during the chat. “His reasoning and his depth of understanding is pretty much gone, so it doesn’t surprise me, I feel quite sad for the guy.”

And in true far-gone-left style, Crosby refuted the claim:

“Nugent is a brainless twit ....I can out think him without even trying hard.”

Well, yeah, because you would go to CNN or MSNBC to get the latest liberal sound bite to reply with.  Unless you're having trouble spelling MSNBC or CNN, that wouldn't be hard at all.

"Yeah, well... how many times did it take YOU to spell MSNBC?"

Um, twice, because I forgot to keep my finger on the shift key for the SNBC part.

ITEM:  Finally, it seems the Russians have been fiddling with another foreign election.  Sunday, Emmanuel Macron was the leading vote getter in the first round of elections in France, and the center-left candidate, who beat 10 challengers (including one guy described as a "follower of conspiracy theorist Lyndon Larouche", and another who was a worker at a Ford plant who was fed up with politicians) will face far-right Marine Le Pen in the May 7 run-off.  But he was NOT the favorite of official Russia, it would seem... From a Moscow Times op-ed:

But the sad reality is that, during the campaign, Moscow did not exactly hide its preferences among the candidates, and Macron was definitely not one of them.

In fact, Russian media in both France and Russia attempted to assassinate Macron’s character. Richard Ferrand, secretary-general of Macron's En Marche party, claimed in February that Russian state-controlled media Russia Today and Sputnik had spread false reports with the aim of swinging public opinion against Macron. The campaign also accused Russia of hacking its computer network.

In early April, Sputnik even published a story suggesting that Macron was “a U.S. agent” and possibly “acting in the interests of the U.S. financial market in France.”

Moscow’s effort to use a social media campaign and a deluge of fake news to slow Macron’s surge in the polls since January has created bad blood between Russia and the likely French leader. Meanwhile, the Kremlin denied it was behind the campaign to discredit Macron.

My question is, why didn't they just HACK the Macron campaign?

"Simple, you idiot.  I don't have internet security through the DNC..."


  1. Chris:
    ---Regarding that state rep in TX...(to paraphrase Bruce Banner: "You can SMELL crazy on HER"!
    ---Living in a public restroom building? I thought that ONLY occurred in "sanctuary cities...(and SE Fort Wayne)
    All those bottles of urine with facilities LITERALLY within reach???
    Oh, those wacky Japanese.
    Where's the "tiny house" crew when you NEED them?
    ---Livestock as payment...AND a "spouse"?
    How novel.
    ---Crosby is WRONG. Nugent is RIGHT!
    Oh, and Ted is a much better guitar player, shooter, archer, trapper, family man, gun-rights advocate, and used to FIRE people for using drugs in HIS rock THERE!
    ---I heard about that one...oh, those wacky Russkies!
    Making friensd and influencing elections around the world (while their once proud navy rusts away at the docks due to lack of funds).
    How the mighty have fallen.

    Very good report.

    Stay safe (and informed) up there, brother.

    1. Crosby gave the typical Lib responses on social media- Insults, arrogance, self-importance, and lack of facts to work with.

      "The Tiny House crew"- good idea! IDK that the Property Brothers would touch it. Maybe "Love It Or Flush It"?

  2. SIGH- Texas always makes the news from such crazy people!!
    Those stories today are so weird and sad because they're true.

    1. Yep, Texas, Russia, and Uzbekistan...

  3. This blog bit was so good I think I owe the state of Texas $100. Clean up on aisle six.

    If they want to assassinate Macron's character, why don't they just talk about his wife some more? You know, the lady who's 24 years older than him, who was his high school teacher, who fell for him when he was 15, who ended up leaving her husband and 3 children for him while he was still a teenager, who refused to back down even when his parents sent him away to another school to get him away from her. That lady.

    No? No one's bothered by that? No one wants to talk about it? Okay, never mind.

    1. You can pay your debt to Texas in installments. It's called "the handy plan".

      One thing I have found about this French election, is it's a microcosm of our own- two failed candidates, covered in warts. When you have one candidate called "the French Bernie Sanders", a Lyndon Larouche supporter, a Gallist, a factory worker, all in one election... I mean, I shoulda ran on the Bonapartist ticket!

    2. I was scrolling through memes last night in bed and found this. I'm guessing this is the guy you're referring to as the French Bernie, and apparently he can even out-Bernie Bernie.

  4. I found these interesting and somewhat disturbing as well, the world is full of idiots and people who make us wonder why

    1. Sorry, I forgot to answer the second wave of comments here! What a numbskull! Anyway, the world is indeed a sad place and getting worse.

  5. The world is getting crazier and crazier! This reads like an episode of "Strange but True". Glad to be watching from afar and not in the thick of it.

    1. Just wait- it's coming for you too... (Doo DOO doo doo...)

  6. Meh. I'm ashamed to say she is from Houston. And I once lived in her district. When I first heard about this I thought it was surely a joke. But alas, it was not. I'm with you on this Chris. The Crazy Train needs to pick her up, pronto. :)

    1. And let Ozzie bite her head off, lol!