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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

There's got to be an evening after...

I have just a few things to say tonight, so let me start with the pleasantries.  First, since my stupid camera batteries let me down yet again, I'll just copy and paste the post I just put on FB:

Scrappy's adventure: He almost caught one fox pup on the one side of the barn. We went around the corner and the other one was RIGHT THERE. He ducked into the barn, but seconds later came out, looking around as if trying to find his brother! Scrappy again gave chase and definitely got within butt-sniffing distance before the pup ducked down that same burrow as last time. By the time we got to it, he was barking for his brother in the den.
Then just before leaving the Plex area, he spots a bunny rabbit. Lost him once saw him again. The bunny, not real impressed, hopped off about 20 feet. Scrappy sniffed the spot he had been sitting, then they BOTH looked over their shoulders at each other! Each went, "Hmpf!" and Scrappy headed for the path home. Guess bunny butt isn't all that interesting!

Pup #2, from our earlier adventure 8 days ago

Next up, the talk of FB is what Colbert said on his show a night or so ago about the President.  I won't gratify him with even a link to his diatribe, but let's just say he used his "alleged entertainment" bully pulpit to lay into Trump in such a vulgar manner that by the last "joke", he had not only shown himself to be the most disgusting entertainment mouth since Andrew Dice Clay, but to most people it seemed he defecated all over one of the groups the radical leftists like himself are supposed to adore.  Wonder if the LGBTQ crew will now understand that most of these people only give a damn about you because you naively support the same causes.  Doubt it; as one of their idols, he's a pretty big sacred cow to sacrifice.

But the one thing that made me smile about it was that MY FB friends unanimously had one main comment:  "Don't fire him over it, don't call the network to have him canned.  Just CHANGE THE CHANNEL."

Exactly.  I have never watched him because I consider even his clean humor relatively tasteless.  I could give a care if CBS rides him right down the drain, just like ESPN is doing with their "Sports with the communist Disney touch" theme.  In fact, that's another subject trending today- that ESPN is seemingly dropping out of the National Pasttime to concentrate on the NBA.  And as a friend said- "So what?  I pay for MLB Network, get all the live games I need, and better highlights- and NO politics!"

But, I digress.

One last thing about Colbert- I hope you are not surprised.  That performance is WHO HE IS.  To show you how I mean that, let me dig into the recent past a bit.  One friend (you know who you are ;) ) brought up what I thought was a tasteless tweet about the First Lady.  We discussed it SEMI-reasonably (that's a dig at ME), and he took it a step farther than the point I was making and REMOVED it.  A few weeks before, I got into it with another "friend" over another, far more tasteless Melania joke.  By THAT person, I was called "higher than thou" for pointing out the tastelessness of the joke; then as if to justify her calling my kettle black, she went on to call me racist (which, if she had truly been a friend, she would have known better), and then unfriended me before I was allowed to respond.  This second person is the kind of person Stephen Colbert showed himself to be.  As for that former friend, she was a Bernie supporter.  Do the math, lol!

Yes, that was a cheapie- but not TASTELESS, not vulgar, and didn't call into question the validity of anyone's deep held beliefs (except for Mathematicians For Bernie).  Colbert should have stayed right there, and people could have gone on thinking him suave, sophisticated, and somewhat funny, instead of seeing him as he truly is.

I was going to end this post with a comment on Hillary's latest excuse for why she didn't win the White House- but why bother?  Her inability to take any responsibility writes itself, and on her current schedule I'll have another chance around July anyway...


  1. Chris:
    ---I KNOW you'll appreciate my post (the part about the EACS iPads)...
    ---That fox pup is SO cute!
    ---Colbert is supposed to "entertain"???
    Learned something new today (coulda fooled me on that one...LOL)
    ---Yes...just CHANGE the damn simple a caveman can figure that out.
    ---That former friend didn't live up to the "friend" part much...her loss.
    ---Yes, the less said about Hillary...the better.

    Good call on all counts.

    Stay safe (and dry tomorrow) up there, brother.

    1. It's a world of relativism- thus Colbert and SNL are funny, Kirk Cameron and Hobby Lobby are whackjobs, and I get all kind of congrats for ripping an allegedly GOP president.

    2. Agreed, but I thought EINSTEIN had the market cornered on "relativity"...
      (or was that The Doctor?)
      Either way. It's ALL relative.

  2. OH EM GEEEEEEEE that fox is sooooooo cute!!

    1. You shoulda seen 'em up close... damn that camera!

  3. That fox is so dang cute!!!

    1. They are just little bundles of nothing- bet they don't way 10 lbs!