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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Happy Anniversary!

So today I was at a loss for something to blog about.  I had several ideas that I filed under either "too much work" or "copyright infringement" of one sort or another.   But then it struck me-  Bobby G is celebrating his 20th year of wedded bliss today!!!

Here you can see he and I amongst our fellow Time Lords, with he at bottom left and myself at bottom right.  And I would have dearly loved to use the 20th anniversary pic his lovely wife posted on FB, but, "copyright infringement", like I said.  So I decided to look around what else happened that fateful day.

- According to one source, the one-man play by Rob Becker, Defending The Caveman, closed this day after 671 performances.  As it was "A hilariously insightful play about the ways men and women relate, " it seems appropriate to the occasion- as I'm sure the lovely Missus would agree that Bob CAN be a caveman, lol!  HOWever, since another site said the play- the record holder for a one-man play on Broadway- lasted 702 shows, IDK if it quite is accurate.  But we're going with it nonetheless.

- And on this day, the WNBA made its debut as the New York Liberty defeated the host Los Angeles Sparks 67-57.

Penny Toler made the first basket... AND the first free throw.

-Derek Bell had three hits and 3 RBIs to lead the Houston Astros to a 7-3 win over the Cubs, which stretched the Astros lead over the Pirates in the NL Central to 2 1/2 games- quite a feat since they were still a game UNDER .500 at the time.

-Milwaukee got ten inches of rain in 30 hours.  The Brewers game was cancelled because of 2-3feet of water on the field, and Mr and Mrs Bob sadly cancelled a honeymoon trip to the Schlitz Brewery.

- Texas Raceway had more noise than a Nascar event:

On June 21, 1997, the massive stadium hosted Blockbuster Rockfest starring '90s rock radio powers Bush, No Doubt, Collective Soul, Matchbox 20, Jewel, Wallflowers, Sugar Ray, Third Eye Blind, Counting Crows and even local folk-rock darlings Jackopierce.

That's a hell of a concert.  WTH were you going to Milwaukee for, Bob?

-Nobody that was both famous AND known to me was born or died that day, at least not on this planet!

And with that we close this look at the amazing wedding day of a very special couple.  So to both of you from all of us...


  1. Chris:
    ROFLMAO...why, you cheeky monkey!
    I had NO idea this was coming, and I am totally bowled over.
    BTW, while we didn't get a PROPER "rain check" for the brewery tour, we DID get a six-pack and a set of hip-waders, in case we changed our minds.
    ---We also got to celebrate the capture of Pol Pot, so that wedding cake did come in handy, after all.

    Thanks for sending some kind words and some smiles down here today.
    It is much appreciated.

    Stay safe (and historically erudite) up there, brother.

    1. Hey it surprised me, too! I was ready to do a hard-hitting research report on what ails our society, and then I found that what ails our society is hard hitting reports!

  2. Happy Anniversary to Bobby G! Twenty years, that's a good, long time. Hope it was an awesome day.