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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Random thoughts

Lets start off with this- all the OT we have been working would be a lot easier to take if you weren't looking around saying, "But we don't NEED it!"  Just because the other plants want to keep you on the string for their crap because they are so overloaded (and incompetent).  But yet, despite having YOUR customers well in hand, you have OT.

So let's go for a walk...

"Yeah, let's!"

And first thing, you get to chase a ground hog into the fence row!  Scrappy was delighted, but jumped when he stuck his head under the bush only to get barked at!  A Scooter-like bark...

"Hey!  Don't get me involved!"
After jumping, he seemed to lose interest, which I found odd.  So I stuck MY head under the bush and looked about, but though I could hear the bark, I couldn't see the barker- until I looked a bit higher and saw a little gentleman who looked like this...

...who then looked at me and said, " bark... bark... EEEOWWWW...."  And I knew I had finally figured out what the elusive catbird looked like.

One of Scrappy's favorite paths, just below dead tree road.

Lots of little wild strawberries around- some actually have a hint of flavor this year, which is unusual.

Scrappy wanted to check out where Young Foxy was spotted yesterday, but no return visit.

That's okay, because I loaded up on the wild raspberries- which have actual real flavor this year, which is also unusual.

I wonder if that national city park survey gave us credit for this one?

Later, I noticed along the Plex lot what looked like a traffic ticket.  I picked it up, and it WAS a parking ticket- issued by security at Bethel College- which is curious, since Bethel is 80 miles by car from here!  I may not know how the ticket made it all this way, but I have a good guess as to why someone parked illegally.  Printed in large letters in the comment section at the bottom of the ticket:


1 comment:

  1. Chris:---Take awy that goatee and add some gray hair on that opening meme...that's ME almost ALL the time down
    ---Scrappy v. groundhog, with a catbird (great photo, btw) "cheering section" for me.
    ---Egad..wild strawberries! Love to rid our lawn and garden of those invasive little buggers. Almost as bad as the "locals" that move around here, but I will admit...a LOT MORE QUIET!
    ---Interesting "board-up" in that one picture.
    HA! Illegal parking 80 miles away (freshman) about pranking?

    Good walkabout.

    Stay safe (and legally parked) up there, brother.