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Monday, August 7, 2017

Vacation prelims and day one

Friday afternoon kicked off the Mighty Martin Vacation 2017.  But pictures start the night before...

So they've tilled up a couple of grassy trail sections around the west soccer fields- no idea why, but after Scrappy and I walked across this section Wednesday, they taped it off.  Oh my, I damaged tiny dirt clods...

It was a hot one Thursday evening, and Boofus and I took a good spell resting.  Soon later, we saw a runner doubled over looking like upchucking might be in his future.

Then, a way off, caught sight of this feller...

Friday, Isaiah came for a visit

Screw the camera, I want the lanyard!
"I don't see what all the fuss is...grmbl grmbl mttr mttr moan."
Saturday Scrappy had a big day, starting at Metea Park....

Despite the presence of a rather large company picnic at the Nature Center area, it was a nice peaceful jaunt...

...complete with more monarchs than I've seen in about the last four years put together!

We finished the trip off with a stop at Culvers, where Scrappy had a huge cup of ice cream, several french fries, and various other bites.  On the way home I saw what would be the second weirdest thing I'd see all day...

...why someone would want a huge flamingo dangling from their rear-view, IDK.  Maybe he missed the trashy front yard he grew up in...

After a well-deserved nap, Laurie and I adjourned to Mitchell's for drinks and pool.

First game might have been the best game I ever played.  I think Laurie said she took 3 shots total.

Second was close to a mirror image.  I took more than three shots, none of them good, though.

Game three was a well-played, down to the wire affair that Laurie took to go up 2-1.

Laurie put in the 8 by accident to tie things up.  Game five was another of my more typical games, so Laurie won 3 games to 2.

This is me dropping the camera as I took a shot.  And why would I drop it (Outside of the 3 long islands and two duck farts)?

Well, it might be that this woman was wearing a dress whose front was completely covered in orange peels...


  1. Chris:
    ---Okay, so we officially refer to this week as the "MMV-2017" it.
    (sounds like a car I'd wanna buy)
    ---damaged clods - that'll cost someone some $$$.
    ---yeah, run for fun doesn't have the appeal to me that it should have. I like to keep my meals where they belong (after I've eaten them).
    ---Dear me...more deer.
    ---That's the way to do it...have the little one in a SUPERHERO shirt early on!
    ---Scrappy got his day out...good for him.
    ---Okay, first you grab the squirrels and the rabbits, now you snatch the MONARCHS?
    And we planted the milkweed! LOL.
    ---I'll bet that flamingo is a HUGE air-freshener (to make the pot smell go away) LMAO!
    ---Remember...pool is like's ALL about WHERE you place your balls!
    (okay, that didn't come out quite right)
    BTW, well done, Laurie.
    ---Oooookkaaaayyyy,,,orange peels, huh?
    Quite the "illustrated woman".
    Maybe she was in search of some sangria to go with that dress?
    Anyway, a good time had by those in attendance, right?

    Stay safe (and save the 8-ball for last) up there, brother.

    1. A friend of mine sent me a picture of a flamingo in her flower bed with the caption, "Thanks, Chris." Can't please everyone...

  2. When I think pool I think of my brother who plays and has a table in his shed/man cave, me I would suck at it. Tim used to play when I first met him. All in all it looks like a good time was had