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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

A post about stupid...

You know, some days I go through the news, and it's hillbilly cousin- my Facebook feed- and I just shake my head.  Among the many things that hit me as stupid:

How about the woman who fell for the old "we'll split the money, just give me some of yours to prove good faith" scam.  The Wisconsin woman, who in a moment of clarity asked not to be identified, was approached by another woman pretending to have found a wallet "as thick as a brick" (much like the victim), who offered to split it with her.  Claiming her "boss" at a real estate office nearby would handle the paperwork for their "finders keepers" adventure, the scammer went into the building and came out a bit later with the "boss", who claimed there was $150,000 in the wallet and would split it three ways if the other two woman would run down to their respective banks and pull out, say, 2 grand to prove their "financial worthiness".  Soon later, she handed over the money to the "boss" who went inside to get the $150,000 to divvy up- and when the vic went into the real estate office  after the pair didn't come back out, the office- who had no connection with the "boss" or the "employee", they looked at her and said,

Then you have the sad, strange case of Alyssa Milano, who has unleashed upon the twitterverse a string of self-immolating invective against Trump that makes Joe Biden and George W Bush look like Galileo and Da Vinci.  I refuse to bring up her latest tasteless, brainless attempt at political commentary, but listen, liberal friends-  Milano, Chelsea Clinton, the CEO of Camping World, etc etc.  Do you realize the depths to which your celebrities are BURYING the credibility and intellect of your ideological position?  They have branded you as tasteless (see Kathy Griffin) , brainless (how many companies have had officials say they don't WANT customers that support Trump?  Shooing away customers is pretty brainless), or clueless (former political editor at the HuffPost, Sam Stein, tweeting that he would like to hear from DACA recipients (AKA "Dreamers") who "voted for Trump" (which would be illegal, as they are NOT citizens by definition).)  Seriously.  I know that there are good liberal people out there, with enough brainpower to realize that if foot-in-mouth club continues on its merry way, NO ONE will take you seriously.

Not that that will keep you from winning elections;  let's hear from renowned expert on all things American, Vladimir Putin:

Russian President Vladimir Putin mocked the state of U.S. politics, and criticized former President George W. Bush, in new remarks on Tuesday, saying that Moscow finds it “difficult to have a dialogue with people who confuse Austria and Australia.”

The remark from Putin, made while speaking to reporters, was in reference to Bush’s 2007 gaffe, in which he confused the two countries, according to state-run Russian media outlet RT.

“Apparently that’s the level of political culture of a certain part of the American establishment,” Putin said about Bush, before adding, “America is a really great nation and the Americans are a great people if they can endure so many people [in the government] with such a low level of political culture.”

Endure?  Hell, Vlady, (may I call you Vlady?) you just DEFINED a good 70% of American political culture!

Next up, I see the streak continues- every week since about early May there has been a story about a female teacher either getting accused, arrested, or sentenced for sleeping with a male student.  I kid you not!  I wish I would have started making a list back then, because when you Google "female teacher seduces student", you get half a dozen PornHub videos.  Ladies- and to those this is directed, I use the term loosely- WTH is up with this?  Every one of them has a hubby and kids back home.  Honestly, I would love it if someone would comment on the psychology of this wave of sexual predation.

A blog I follow (changing the subject here, btw) called Fort Wayne Media Maven is the best place to go for laughs at the expense of what pretends to be news coverage in this town, but his latest two posts really frost the cake.  In the first, a story about a robbery up north, the station posted the following:

Police noted in the report that hands, feet, and a handgun were used in the hold-up.

He went on to speculate that someone in that police department, knowing the local media's tendency to copy-and-paste without reading, decided to have a little fun.  Today, another story told of a victim of a bar fight who was "beaten into a medically induced coma".  Here, the Maven muses:

Usually, medically-induced comas are performed in hospitals and not on barroom floors. So, in reading the WANE-TV, does that mean an EMT, doctor, nurse, or another medical professional beat the living daylights out of the man at the bar?

One word, WANE (maybe two the way you all work):  proofreaders....

Wow, a picture really does say 1,000 words...

Oh, and while on the subject of Vlady once again, I forgot the other part of that story:

Having snubbed a former Republican US President, Putin stopped short of criticizing the incumbent one when responding to a question on whether he was disappointed in Donald Trump.

“Your question sounds naïve,” he told a journalist. “He is not my bride and I am not his. We are statesmen.”

Waitaminite!  Are you Suuuuuure about that?

Finally, the latest list is the most obese states.  The top ten (actually 11, with Indiana and Michigan running a 10th place tie) was mainly a Confederate affair- Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Texas taking #s 2-8.

 They did it on a percentage of population considered obese, with West Virginia heading the list at 37.7 %.  Doing a little quick figuring, based on a study saying the average American is 17 lbs overweight, gives us in just these 11 states (Oklahoma at #9 being the other one left) a total of 420,500,000 extra pounds- enough to make just shy of another 2 1/2 million people of regular average adult weight.  Texas, by virtue of its large population (as much as the next five put together, plus the Cowboys' 40-man roster) accounts for 36% of that extra poundage.


  1. Chris:
    ---I know what you mean. I swear my neck hurts from all the shaking I do.
    (screws up my vision a lot, too)
    ---The woman and the money - a form of "financial Darwinism"?
    ---Alyssa Milano - Guess the ink from here tatts finally went to her head. A shame. She's a looker (now add vapid to boot)
    ---Good to know that Vlady wasn't "putin" us on...heh.
    ---The female teacher/male student thing has ME baffled...I mean where were all these teachers when I was in high school (and couldn't even get a date)???
    ---LMAO...yeah, I like FWMM's a good eye for the proper stuff. Glad someone's got our backs there.
    ---LOL...that TIME cover is priceless.
    ---Regarding the Fat States of America, sounds like many of them have a "welfare" issue, and as far as Texas is concerned, did they also count all the LIVESTOCK down there? I mean CATTLE weight a lot, the last time I checked.
    As for me? Been the SAME weight for several decades, so I'm a "no-show" for any excess Indiana poundage issues.
    Very enlightening post.

    Stay safe (and well-informed) up there, brother.

    1. I don't think cattle get considered obese...

    2. You never can tell with those who LOVE to make statistics suit their own needs.


  2. Well, I just went to the doctor a few weeks ago and was handed a sheet that said I'm overweight. Gee thanks. I checked what my BMI should be and I'm over by six or seven pounds. I'll live. I'm not trying to be a swimsuit model.

    Enjoy the rest of your week!

    1. Yup, I hit about the average obese, give or take for only being 5-4...