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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

M50 part IV plus the NYE beer tasteoff

Today, I promised Bob I'd let him know how my latest round of beer tasting, spread over NYE eve and NYE night, went, along with throwing in the latest M50 rundown- in fact, the penultimate chapter of the M50 countdown!  And there is another layer to the countdown I have been meaning to get to, which we will call the Laurie Seal Of Approval.  I had asked her in an early rundown if any really stood out to her, and she gave me 8 songs- two we've already done, one this post, and the other five in the ever-lovin' Top Ten coming up next time.  So let's start off with a couple of brewskis and go from there.

From bad to good:

Lagunitas Little Sumpin' Sumpin' Ale.  I know there are a ton of people I know on the webs that swear by this stuff.  And I have to let you know right now, hoppy beers don't do it for me.  Hops to me smell like armpit, and I found it funny that one of the reviews on BeerAdvocate misspelled it "hippy", because I imagine many hippies prolly did smell like this.  Before you send the hate mail, even Scrappy walked away from this.  Twice.  But for 7.5% ABV, I gave it the old college try.  Then, mercifully, the pizza arrived, I let half of it sit while eating, took one last sip, and "cleaned the kitchen drain" with the remainder.

I would have said someone was Messin' With Me, as Northern Faces said on their top dog that made #12 on the Fifty.  Perhaps I should have known better, but I was a newbie, full of...

...Innocence In Paradise, like Squeeze sang on their hit at #16.  And so I just did like Foxygen told me...

...and played Follow The Leader, their tune at # 19.

Before going back to the beers, Let me just say the LSOA (Laurie Seal Of Approval) songs last time were Rhyl Love at #23 and Two High at #25.


Fieldhouse Wheat, made right down the road in Indy.  This was a touch hoppy for a wheat to me.  Not undrinkable, but not a favorite.

 UFO White Ale.  Advertised in reviews as having an "aggressive but not overbearing" spice taste and aroma, I had to say that MY bottle had no smell whatsoever, and very little taste.  Pretty much Coors Light, just cloudy.


I would have to say that those three beers didn't send me to...

...Heaven, like the song from PVRIS at #20.  In fact, I might have suggested to the first two...

...Let's Get Lost, as the Pretenders ft Neil Tennant did on that song at # 13.  Nor would I have done as...

...Ducktails suggested on their song Light A Candle.  Nor would I have ordered one at the Cosmic Piano Bar while listening to...

...Dent May doing Picture On A Screen, which came in at #18.


Now the next two are cheats, because I have had them before and I knew they were good!  The first is Paulaner Hefe-Weizen, my go-to Belgian witbier.  Cloudy, tasty, filling but light, it made peace with my stomach after the Fieldhouse Wheat.

Kentucky Bourbon-Barrel Ale.  This is a lot like a boilermaker without quite as much bite.  Not only really good, tasting much like the name implies, but a formidable 8.19 abv!  It was the high point of night two- not surprisingly when you consider it's competition was the UFO and the Lagunitas.


Scrappy was dying for a taste of the KBB, but I told him it was mine...

...And Mine Alone, like the song by Kidsmoke that took the # 14 slot.  In fact, it would be a fine choice if I ever crossed the sea and hit a bar in...

...Monaco, listening to Public Access TV playing the song of the same name at # 17.


Victory Golden Monkey:  The easy winner, this stuff was fantastic!  It opened with a spiced pear smell from the top- but if you brought the side of the glass to your nose, you got banana!  Similarly, the first 1/3 or so had a lot of the spice taste, the middle was like beer mixed with banana juice, then the end of it - well, at the end you knew why it was rated 9.5 abv!  I would definitely drink this again- though perhaps not more than two at a sitting, and quite slowly...


And now, in case you thought the last song, and the LSOA song for this set, had passed you by...

... I give you Chicano Batman at #11 with Passed You By!

Next time, the Top Ten of 2017!


  1. Chris:
    ---Okay, got me a cold GUINESS
    ---1st beer - never heard of it (guess that's a good thing?)
    LOL (even Scrappy walked away from it...when the DOG knows enough about a brew to turn it's NOSE up, that nails it for ME).
    ---HA...more great segues from beer to song and back to beer!
    ---Never been a "fan": of WHEAT beer (must been those UK import brews I grew up on).
    ---I was hoping the UFO brew had some promise...
    No taste? No thanks!
    ---Never heard of the Belgian brew, but I AM intrigued by the Bourbon Barrel Ale (for a most obvious reason).
    THAT I have to try!
    (I like boilermakers...more than they like me...heh)
    ---VGM (not related to the old TV show TALES OF THE GOLD MONKEY)...also sounds good, but I wonder if you need to "roll the bottle" before let the flavors mix a wee bit?
    ---That method you had of making the songs FIT into the taste test had me LOL...that was pretty darn brilliant.
    An excellent post and list of tunes.
    (can't wait for the beauty contest now)

    Stay safe (and well thawed) up there, brother.

    1. Oh, you don't want the flavors to mix... that's the fun in it, tasting it change as you go along. If you like the darker stuff, you might not mind the Lagunitas, very hoppy but without the coffee flavor.

      QAnd the Beauty Contest- well, that's next week, so you'll just have to!

    2. I try to stay away from the Montezuma's Revenger brewskis (don't even do Dos Equis or Corona), but I'm sold on Gold Monkey and Kentucky BB Ale!
      (where do I get me those?)

    3. I got 'em at Kroger, in the pick-a-six department...

  2. An interesting post, I don't like beer, the smell, the taste nothing about it at all

    1. Not even Fosters? (JK there, the way I get it, no one in Australia likes Fosters!)

    2. Watney's Red Barrel -BEST UK beer I ever had (can't seem to find it any longer). Tastes great EVEN when it gets warm (a miracle in

    3. Wiki says Watneys closed in 1979... tough break, Nick...