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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

And now, the lighter side

Even though there was still enough hate to go around on the news to post yesterday's again, I have just been rejuvenated by a Twitter video that Dale Earnhardt Jr's, friends made for him to celebrate today's birth of his daughter Isla; and with their loving comments in mind (and with laughter still from Kyle Busch describing baby poop as "soft serve")  I bring you- pictures!

Violets are out... are dandelions...

Here's our friend Reddy with snake au fresco on the Plex roof...

My favorite time of year- all the little guys getting their time to shine...

Scrappy checking out the creek...

...actually, looking for a way to get down there to get a drink.  Not that way...

Suddenly, an odd scent... and we're off!

"Crap, I think it's on the other side of the trail..."

And so it was... a dead fox...

First sighting of the little Bluebird of Happiness...

Off the leash to chase down a groundhog... as usual, took too long deciding which way to look.

"I know you're here somewhere..."

Lastly, another bit of humor- at least to me- from Twitter.  Now mind you, my serious side knows, yes, there are certain parts- the eyes, and the tooth necklace- that would glow... BUT....

...a glow-in-the-dark bobblehead for a character that dresses in ALL BLACK???  BWA-HA-HA!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Chris:
    ---Yeah, it IS nice to see flora and fauna...I just don;t prefer the ones WE have cribbing around us.
    Aside from that, the cats, birds and squirrels are good enough for now.

    You took some cool pics of the bluebird, and hawk, too.

    Scrappy taking too long...sounds like ME sometimes...HA!

    The glow in the dark BP bobblehead...made in CHINA, opf course.
    (and NOT on my Christmas list, thank goodness).

    Very good post.

    Stay safe up (with a fully-charged camera) there, brother