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Thursday, July 5, 2018

The hunt for spam

The night of the 4th, while the rest of the Yanks were out blowing up stuff, I decided I wanted to get away from the constant bitching and virtue signalling of social media and find something fun to do.  Now, I noticed on my stat page, I had a couple of days recently with an enormous (3 to 4 hundred) pageviews, which of course tells me, "spam".  Further, I noticed that I had a large amount of pageviews from France- and just like the last time I had a large amount of pageviews from "France", I had a large amount of keyword searches from, AKA Russia's capital of referring spammers to blogs.  So for anyone concerned, I'd just like to say in Google French,

si mon blog vous spammait, blâmez les Russes.

Now, the only actual spam to my blog I got was from one Dono Jono, whom I believe from my e-mail notifications many of you have met.  He's the one sending the many and various links to Viagra that you've gotten over this same period- I got one as well.  So it behooved me to dig into Dono Jono, and here's what I found.

He has a Facebook page which he hasn't touched in some time.  The entirety of his FB prescence is a profile picture which is a Japanese nurse in three shots of increasing undress, although she never goes full frontal.

Next, I clicked through to his Google + page, which gave me more info.  He is a man of varied interests- or rather a boy; he lists a birthday of two days ago in 1999- a newly-minted 19-y-o.  The page itself is a list of various blogs to which he has sent his "message of love", along with one lone picture of his beloved Viagra pill. But the fun part came with his ecclectic mix of members in his circle.

First up was a female offering to teach Islam and Allah, from Malaysia.

Second, the website of some movie theater in Hong Kong.

Third, we have Raysingpura Primary School, which is apparently what we would call a middle school about 180 miles NNE of Mumbai in India.

Then we have du lich bui Hong Kong, which basically translates out to "Backpacker", a Vietnamese travel site featuring trips to Hong Kong.

Then we go to Kontak Jodoh, "the largest online jodo contact"- basically a news site permeated with sidebar ads and infolinks- from Indonesia, which brings us up to five different nations on our little tour.

Sixth in the circle is, believe it or not, Google Developer Group Hong Kong division.

Seventh is one Arlene Zelina, an "Australian singer-songwriter" who has a lot of her original stuff on her YouTube channels.  And a thing for Celine Dion, apparently.

And finally, we have Victor Cheung, a tech blogger and photog based in Hong Kong and educated at Washington and Lee here in the US of A.

What could they all have in common?  Let's use our imagination.

DJ starts with the Indian schoolkids.  Attracted by the subliminals in Arlene's music and the sexy nurse on his FB site, he introduces them to our Islamic teacher.  She gives them the fundementals of radical terrorism, and then passes them off to du lich bui.  The Viets outfit them and ship them off to HK, where they are trained further in the "theaters" of Hong Kong Movie 6.  Fully indoctrinated now, they get their secret assignments in Jakarta from Kontak Jodoh's pop-up ads, are given fake credentials online by GDG HK, and are shipped to Lexington VA, where Cheung sets them up in the homes of other W&L alums and faculty, until they are ready to strike...

"Gampaw!  Is that all true?"

"For pete's sake, kid, don't be a Democrat..."


  1. Chris:
    ---You get FRANCE, and I get RUSSIA...must be some sort of "hierarchy": there...LOL.
    Recently the spam has dropped off markedly (just jinxed myself, I know), and I'm glad for that.
    ---You're braver than I am. I refuse to check out ANY link to these spammers...that has to signal that someone is watching and then they got your IP addy and well, there we go once again.
    ---But I'll bet you don't get those OAKLEY sunglasses or COACH handbags, or even the UGGS boots spams...right?
    (those morons seems to be unblockable)
    ---I like your "theorizing" with their commonality. the Peanut and Scrappy pics w/ captions...!
    Peanut's got that marvelously astonished look...ah, the "age of innocence".
    Scrappy's reply nailed it for me.
    That's just brilliant.

    Stay safe (and spam-free) up there, brother.

    1. Believe it or not, Isiaiah climbed out of a chair, ran over to me, and POSED for that picture. Whatta ham!

  2. I get these spammers from France and Russia (and China) all the time, but they can't break through my firewall. Monthly security reports show them in the 100s all the time. That must have been a fun exercise, tracing it back. There's nothing cuter than kid and dog pics! ☺ Great captions, too.