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Monday, January 18, 2010

Comissioner's Cup, week 3

KCA's continue to lead in the Commisioner's Cup (yes, I finally gave it a name) race. 17 pts this week give them 104 pts and a 16 point lead. The Beagles leap into 2nd on a 37-point weekend to put them at 88. The done-and-over-with B2s slip with their 83 pts to 3rd. The Ducks add 15 to move up to 4th with 78. The Rhinos got shut out this week and SVA got a whopping 5 to fall to 5th with 76 and 6th with 72, respectively. Buzz piled up 25 this week to jump into 7th with 71; The Angels managed 12 and 67; the CBBQs 15 and 59; and the Rangers wake up for 22 this week to pull into a tie for ninth with 59. The Elks (1) and the T-Cubs (2) sucked it up this week to end the weekend at 55 and 52. For the T-Cubs though, that's last and all she wrote as they join the B2s as the 2 teams with no more active players.

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