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Thursday, January 7, 2010

The first great snow of 2010

Okay, that's a bit facitious without a big wind, but I did just shovel about 5 inches off my patio. Scrappy got to play out the back gate and had a booogle circus. Of course every time big yappie* barked his disaproval of Scrappy being out and him in, Mr. Boy ran for the door.
(* 'big yappie' and 'little yappie' are the names we gave to the neighbor's dogs, actually 'Coal' and 'Mokie' respectively.) Scrappy had an unfortunate meeting with big yappie last summer before I became a cripple, and ever since has been upset at hearing their back door open for fear of a return visit. Unlike our previous dog, Fred, who would go nuts if he were chained and another dog walked past, but had a practised "I'm ignoring you" walk when positions were reversed. Scrappy only ignores the things he's just about to trip over.
By the by, we officially return to work Monday; thus, I'll have been laid off for each of the last two complete college football seasons. And, the new story is started over at bum steer productions (see earlier post for link). It is called, "The Banner: a story in 21 episodes".

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