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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My ultrasound checkup

I have to have an ultrasound on my vein graft every three months, and today was the first one. Let me tell you how that went.
9:04- left work.
9:49- arrive at 1819 Carew.
9:51- get paperwork started at first floor reception.
9:58- sent to second floor lab. Ask about slip for work, she' says they'll take care of it up there.
10:00- report to second floor lab desk. "Okay, we'll let them know you're here."
10:15- scheduled appointment time.
10:25- old lady sitting next to me begins to moan in her sleep.
10:38-taken back to ultrasound room.
10:39-"Take off shoes, socks, and pants, lie on the bed and cover up."
10:40- exam begins. Asked three times what exactly they did to me, as the paperwork isn't matching what she sees.
10:40-11:05- almost fall asleep 6 times.
11:05- the tech decides that the description on the paperwork doesn't match what she's seeing; calls somebody to send up the surgical report.
11:05-11:25 lay there alone waiting for report. Almost fall asleep 7th time.
11:25- surgical report arrives; exam begins again.
11:35- the tech decides to call in her boss to see if she can figure it out. Apparently the surgical report was about as good as the work order.
11:37- lab boss comes in; they look over the situation trying to figure out what got grafted to what.
11:40- lab boss decides tech is doing it right after all; tells her basically to take a lot of pictures and let Dr. Sowden figure it out.
11:41-12:05- tech takes a lot of pictures. Too busy deciding whether to stop off for lunch after the exam to almost fall asleep again.
12:05- exam done. Towel off excess gel and get dressed.
12:10- the tech points out second floor reception desk, has me go ther to get checked out.
12:11- get checked out. Ask about work slip, she tells me to go back in lab room and ask them.
12:12- ask lab desk; they call back to the tech and tell me to wait for her.
12:16- Greg Shoup tries to do the weather with a dead microphone. Stumbles across the screen to get new one, jokes about the 'sounds of silence'.
12:19- tech brings out work slip.
12:21- leave 1819 Carew.
1:05- arrive at work.
4:30- end of work day. HR lady still hasn't looked at work slip.

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