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Sunday, January 10, 2010

terrorists and sports

In the latest round of homocidal "who's dumber", terrorists in the nation (not the city, guys) of Angola killed 3 members of the Togo soccer team, in country for a high profile African tournament, in an ambush. They are trying to draw worldwide attention to the fact that the didn't get a fair deal (I wonder why not? "Sure, I'll vote for the murdering maniacs.") in the last round of elections in their very important pi$s$hi# republic. I know I will certainly be more sympathetic to their desires after their heroic actions against those heavilly armed (er, balled... er, never mind) foreign interlopers who got what they deserved for using sportsmanship to make the world a better place. Why, just check my tax forms and see how much similar actions by Al-Qeaida, Fatah, Hamas, and the Irish Republican Army inspired me to make charitable contributions to their causes.
Coming out of sarcasm mode, I have an idea to actually help these idiots. How about the UN sets up a commitee that would register these various separatist and religious terror groups and give them what they claim they want- a forum to express their views to the world. They sign up, lay down their arms, and tell the world why they're fighting, who they're fighting, and what they want for their nation. Right now, their governments may suppress them and the UN bows to the 'legitimate' governments. Give them a chance to be heard without the gunfire and maybe we'll be heard above the gunfire.
Of course the whole plan falls apart if they aren't really fighting for the cause they claim to espouse, but instead are just murder clubs grateful for the excuse to kill. Tell me, Osama bin Laden- are you commited to a cause or to murder for the thrill? And to the rest of you terrorists, we know you'll kill for your cause. Are you willing to try living for it, for a change?


As incongruous as this is, I have the results for the New Haven FFL end of the season chaalenge for this week. The KCAs continue in the top spot with 87 points. The B2s pulled into second with 83, but all thei players are now out and they are stuck. The Rhinos slip into 3rd with 76, followed by the SVA (67), Ducks (63), and Angels (55). The Elks leap 5 spots to #7 with 54 after a 34-point weekend; the Beagles move up one place with 51, and a late rally by the T-Cubs move them up one to 9th with 50. Buzz managed just one td and fell 3 places to 10th with 46. The Clock BBQs slide one spot to 11th with 44. And in a bit of irony, the Rangers- who are 0-8 in playoff games all time- score 0 points in the first playoff week to remain at 37 points and fall from 8th to 12th and last. That gives me 233 points for my three teams, Shenan 193, Laurie 160, and KC 127. Hooray! Go me!

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