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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Top ads of 2009

Here's something I know you've all been waiting for:

The top ads of 2009
1. Snickers "Snackish" campaign, which includes the Patrick Chewing, Adam Nougateri, and other such nonsense.'s "David Abernathy", the guy who had confidence to "perform open heart surgery in a crowded opera house with a ball point pen" but was afraid to buy a car. Does ink poisoning come to mind?
3. Apple's "there's an app for that" campaign.
4. GM's "reinvention" ads, which I've seen precious few of.
5. Intel's "our rock stars aren't like your rock stars", which I liked but only saw about three times.
6. Bud Light's "tailgate approved"- easily my vote for most annoying on the list.
7. Miller's "MGD 64" ads where one guy always got 64 calories worth of the other brand. Nice visual, stupid concept IMHO.
8. Windows "I'm a pc and windows 7 was my idea". I really liked the subtlety- how in their dream world where they got the idea they were better looking than in real life. Extra points for clever.
9. Bud lights' "too light/too heavy". Much better than Jimmy Football, especially the last two with the paintballers and the guy at the barbecue.
10. E-trade's baby and the golf game- HILARIOUS! "Check the rule book, shankapotamus!"

These were ranked by Zeta interactive based on the volume of internet buzz each received. "David Abernathy" is the lone survivor of last year's Super Bowl crop; MGD actually started apparently in 2007 but mostly got pushed last year. Also, the snickers campaign was formed around a taxi/billboard/bus stop campaign in NYC that invited readers to "speak snackish" which is what the other stuff evolved from.

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