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Monday, January 11, 2010

Update on retarded terrorists

It seems that after 4 days of bad p.r., the separatists who killed the Togolese soccer team members now say, "We didn't mean to hurt the Togolese, we were aiming at our countrymen in the security convoy that brought them in. Togo is one of our favorite pissant countries and we apologise profusely. We only want to win independance for our poor province. Sorry for any inconvenience."
Of course, they don't mention that the reason they want their province's independance is because they're the ones who have the oil wealth and no longer appreciate the central government using it to subsidise the po' folk in the rest of Angola, even to the probably meager extent that the gov'mint actually does that. So let's create another petro-archy and another totally destitute welfare nation for the UN dole. Yet another good reason to get the US out of the UN and vise-versa.
Oh, and for those of my millions of readers who aren't Laurie's facebook friends, we did indeed survive day one returning to work. However, I WILL be wearing the insoles tomorrow.

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