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Saturday, February 27, 2010

February's Quake

Today was supposed to be an easy day of catching up on news, complaining about the latest stupidities at work, and mentioning the bunny rabbit we tracked this morning checking out each and every porch in the neighborhood until he got to ours, at which point he smelled Scrappy and fled to the woods.
Then I saw the news.
It seems God is developing a plan of one major killer earthquake a month this year, and February's hit last night at 3:34 am or thereabouts in Conception, Chile. At 8.8, it was aproximately 32 times stronger than the one that flattened Haiti. In other words, if this had hit in Haiti, we needn't have worried about rescue efforts. As I write, the death toll is 78, the quake hit the capitol of Santiago harder than the Haiti quake at 200 miles from the epicenter, and a 9 foot wave swept Robinson Crusoe Island, completely flooding the main village. Hawaii will sound Tsunami sirens in about 40 minutes. I watched some live stream from Chile tv, and much better built building and infrastructure than Haiti will ever have has been shattered.
Time to pray for Chile, RCI, Easter island (also in the wave's path) , and Hawaii.
Update: Wikipedia lists the Haiti quake as 4th deadliest all time, and this morning's Chile quake as 7th-strongest all time. All within 36 days.

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