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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Leftovers of this week

Here's this week's catch-up.
1. In the process of our usual waking-up on Saturday process, Scrappy was doing his thing- groaning, licking, giving me the "baby eye" (this is where he pushes the bridge of his nose against mine, so that the one eye I have that isn't blocked by his snout is staring into his one eye that isn't blocked by my cheek), and thus was completely oblivious as 2 deer sauntered out the parking lot and into the fence row. That brings deer sightings for the year up to five.
2. Our goofy car is in the shop. We found the battery dead Monday morning, and preferred auto believed it to be a lights-left-on issue, which would have been odd since it hadn't moved since Saturday afternoon. It turned out to be a rebellious door-ajar sensor, which in turn was leaving the dome and exterior rear-view lights on at random. After a Thursday in which they worked normal, then wouldn't go out, then went out, then stayed on even while the car was moving, then went out 2 miles later, then wouldn't come on at all, then went back to normal , all in a three hour period, we took it back to Preferred who gave us a weekend loaner. This was a Chrysler (!) Concorde that sounded like it might fly apart at any minute, but was actually the result of a gaily rolling air tank in the trunk. In fact, as I type, Preferred has just called to say it's ready to pick up.
3. That three hour period coincided with my trip to see Dr. Sowden on the results of my ultrasound, which I documented in all its amusing detail on the 28th. He said a) the graft went closed, which is why the techs couldn't figure out what was going on, b) that "if they would have called me, it would have been done in 5 minutes" rather than the 3 hours it took, and c) everything's fine, no more ultrasounds, no more Sowden. I am "just a normal guy with two veins in his leg instead of three."
4. We worked our first OT of the season Friday, 6 hours, till noon. Probably wouldn't have been necessary without all the accursed fabric issues we're having. We have a ton of fabrics on hold for issues, including 1 Amazon (the blue that can't decide what color to be that I wrote about previously) 2 J Penny (that we have either run out of or can't get a decent roll w/o defects) at least one for Target (which defects have caused us to set probably a dozen 100-yd rolls aside as unusable) 3 for Country Casual (in which the latest rolls to come in do not match the older ones that are alomst used up in either shade or weave), and one I was just told about yesterday that the swatch that is supposed to bethe right color, weave, etc., neither matches the first rolls that came in, which are pretty much already used, or the new ones that came in this week.
5. Anyone else feel the hockey world shake to its foundations Thursday night? Not only do the Invincible Russians get knocked off in an OT shootout by Slovakia, but the only thing that prevented the same thing from happening to the Invincible Canadians at the hands of Switzerland is the fact that Sidney Crosby cannot be stopped in shootouts. The USA goes from hoping for a bronze to contention for a gold in two easy steps.
6. Finally, this blog has a follower now! Hurray! Tanks and God bless you!

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