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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The snow, the (ball)park, and other things.

First of all, a hearty thank you and congrats to the New Orleans Saints who destroyed Peyton Manning and the Colts in last sunday's Super Bowl. Too bad for them that they couldn't figure out how open Dallas Clark was 90% of the game. Or that Reggie Wayne just hasn't been with it through most of the Playoffs. Also kudos to IU alums Courtney Roby and Tracy Porter for looking so damn good. I guess we know who the best Indiana team is now, huh? ( Say, don't the Saints have a Purdue QB just like the Colts do? ) I only wish Archie Manning would have been as influential in getting his first son to New Orleans as he was getting second son Eli to New York. Then the Colts could have spent the last 12 years dafting more Art Schlister wannabes like Curtis Painter.
That ranted, the KCAs hang on to take the Commissioner's cup. SVA held on to second, the Rangers end up third, Elks come in fourth, followed by the Beagles, B2s, Ducks, Angels, Rhinos, Clock BBQs, Buzz, and the T-Cubs. Overall, your humble author had 298 points, Laurie pulled into second with 288, KC snuck into third with 263, and Shenan slid into fourth with 256.
Finally, the latest in an off season full of retarded moves by the baseball team I'm stuck rooting for:

OAKLAND, Calif. -- Speedy outfielder Willy Taveras has been released by the Oakland Athletics, eight days after he was acquired from Cincinnati with infielder Adam Rosales for infielder Aaron Miles and a player to be named.

Taveras had been designated for assignment immediately following the Feb. 1 trade. The Athletics owe his $4 million salary in the final season of a $6.25 million, two-year contract that he signed with the Reds, but that would be reduced by the $400,000 minimum if he signs with another team.

Taveras hit .240 with one homer and 15 RBI for Cincinnati last season.

So, in essence we traded two guys for one guy and the right to pay someone $4,000,000 to do nothing this year. Of course, given Taveras' stats with the Redlegs, we didn't have to cut him to accomplish that.

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