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What is it about nice people that attract total idiots?Nice people are martyrs. Idiots are evangelists.


Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Terrorists of any stripe

It occurs to me that the attacks on Russia by the Chechen and Dagestani Muslims are quite similar to the newsmaking Fred Phelps and Westboro Baptist Church of Kansas. WBC, if you haven't followed, are the group of real princes who bring protesters to war heroes' funerals to protest gays in the military. For example, both groups are allegedly driven to do these things by their faith, even though one would be hard pressed to find where the founders of either religion approved of such methods. Both groups are tarring the name of their faith, despite the amount of their brothers-in-faith who don't agree with them. Both groups are looking like idiots in front of the eyes of the world, which doesn't work real well with the concept in each religion of bringing new people to faith. And neither one is doing anything towards achieving their avowed goals. To Westboro, I have to say- what is your point? That you will follow your "man", despite what "your" God says? That the sin of homosexuality- actually the sin of being a part of an organization that passively tolerates homosexuality- is much more terrible than the damage you do to grieving families that have already suffered enough? Are you really disrupting the government and making your point by hanging out at the graveside services of people who by the manner of their death have already told you they could care less about your opinion? You claim to be Christians, but Christians are people who were taught by Jesus Christ, and Christ preached the Sermon on the Mount, and which part of that are you not stepping on with each step you take in your protests? Your actions invalidate you supposed faith; your words mean nothing.
And to you Muslim radicals, supposedly serving Allah and following Mohamed, I have a quicky guide for you. Question #1: Do your actions truly bring your goal any closer? Let's see, the destruction of the twin towers, did it a) cause the collapse of the USA, b)help you set up Islamic governments elsewhere in the world? (hint: there is at least one less Islamic Government in the world- Afghanistan- and I believe it was the USA that bombed it out of existence.) Question #2: Has your inane temper tantru- ahem, your heroic actions in the name of Allah done anything in the way of winning you international support of your goals? (hint: make a list of the countries that have come to support you as a result of homicide bombings, then another list of the nations you've pissed off, and do the math.) Question #3: Are you truly supporting your faith, and the values it is supposed to hold dear? (Hint: how much of radical Islamist teaching is from the Prophet, and how much is crap that got added on by Joe al-Blow, the sixth cousin of the Prophet's brother-in-law's maid's illegitimate love child, or whoever? That's the kind of thinking that brought you the crusades, courtesy of the medieval Catholic Church- you know, the guys you hated so much you decided to be just like them?) Question #4: Are the people you are hurting the ones, or do they have the potential to be, the ones that are hurting you? (Hint: make a list of all the Muslims that Maxim Mareyev, who was buried today, oppressed in his 20 years on this earth. GO ON, DO IT!) Question #5: What will you do when you get what you want? Will you build an Islamic state that will look out for and enrich the lives of Muslims everywhere? (Hint: Look at every Islamic state in history and show me one that didn't either try to tear itself to shreds because those who believe in the Prophet's daughter don't agree with those who believe in his son-in-law, or just flat out became as corrupt and abusive of its people as any secular government. Osama Bin-Laden's crap-laden cave doesn't count.) OK, that's all the questions. If you have answered one or more (or all) of these with a "no", then rest assured, you are a hypocritical, godless, murdering whack-job who, much like a mosquito, was only put on this earth to breed more idiots and drain the blood of innocents. You should be so proud. And tell me, Westboro Baptist, how many of these did you answer "yes " to? Really?

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