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Thursday, March 4, 2010

update on yesterday's rants

Addendum and Correctum:
1. Apparently now both the boy and his little sister got their turns at the JFK mike over two days, Dec. 16-17. Of course, FAA had no problem until the recordings made their way from a ATC enthusiasts' site to the main stream. THEN it becomes a huge ordeal. Way to not quake in fear of public opinion, FAA.
Chris' take: same as yesterday.
2. Apparently I was in error in all the nasty things I said about that judge yesterday. Allow me to present Prosecuting Atty Paul J. Pfingst.

This is the gentleman who decided to give the child molester-cum-murderer a 6-year sentence in a plea deal. His reason? "the (13-year-old) victim needed to be spared further trauma". Yeah, right? She was beaten to a near-unrecognizable pulp. I tend to think that he has also the same other two reasons that Allen co. DA Karen Richards uses, to wit: A. "I/ my staff is too damn lazy to conduct an investigation that will lead to a sure conviction", and B. "Plea deals look just like convictions on my resume when I retire from the public dole and look for a cushy high-dollar job"( you can see how dear Mr. Pfingst did at Higgs, Fletcher, and Mack llp of San Diego's website. I wonder if that e-mail address listed is still open?) Many thanks to the locals who still hate his guts for steering me onto the righteous path.
Chris' take: Just cross out "Judge" and insert "prosecutor" in all pertinent spots in yesterday's post.
3. And of course, the only thing left for me to get wrong involves the coffee-and-donuts story. First, the original violation that was turned in- no doubt be a scheming competitor- was that they demonstrated a new model bbq grill a couple of weekends, with employees passing out samples of said demo, which is a no-no. It was in investigating this violation that the health dpt. found the heinous c&d scandal. It appears that you are required to have a stainless-steel three basin sink AND a full kitchen-prep area to turn on your Mr. Coffee and open a box of dunkin' donuts. Make sense to you? me, too. Of course, we would have known all this in the first place if the health dpt. official whom the reporter interviewed before the story saw print would have thought to tell the reporter about the bbq complaint which actually started it all. But, this official, apparently a former FAA rep, failed to consider the consequences of not getting ALL of your side of the story into the mix.
Chris' take: stupid is as stupid does, stupid is as stupid was.

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