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Sunday, April 4, 2010

McNabb to Redskins... hmmm...

My opinion here is, now we'll know where the rats were in Philly. Washington has had black qbs before, most notably Doug Williams. Never once have I heard the words "racism" and "Redskins" in the same sentence (except for idiots that think "Redskins" is demeaning to "native Americans.) If we hear the same stuff about "racists in Philly wanting me traded" etc., etc., in Washington, we can be reasonably sure that the problem wasn't racist white reporters and fans as it was the NFL's version (albeit a milder one) of baseball's Milton Bradley. My guess is, if you're that bothered about Rush Limbaugh buying a team you don't even play for, it's time you grow up and lose the chip on your shoulder. The money you guys make should buy a lot of "kiss my black butt, I don't hear you".


And Oakland designates Jack Cust (AKA the guy who hit 60% of your HRs the last 3 years) for assignment (translated: dumps him) to keep roster room for Eric Chavez (AKA the guy whose allegedly bad back has limited him to about a week's work in those 3 years), Coco Crisp (AKA I got it, I got it... oops, I broke my pinky. I think I'll start the year on the DL), and Daric Barton (AKA I could hit my weight... if I was anorexic). Let's see. Dump Cust, let Adam Kennedy go, give the #1 and #2 pitching spots to 2 guys who pitched 0 innings last year, and fail to fire what may be the single most incompetant manager in franchise history. Yeah, we're trying REEEEEEAL hard to compete this year. Thanks Billy Beane. I hope your summer is all wine and cheeses too.

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