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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Stupid by any standard.

From Fox News:

The National Day of Prayer, honored in the United States for more than a half-century, is unconstitutional, a federal judge in Wisconsin has ruled.
In a 66-page opinion issued Thursday, U.S. District Judge Barbara Crabb said the holiday violates the "establishment clause" of the First Amendment, which creates a separation of church and state.
"I understand that many may disagree with that conclusion and some may even view it as a criticism of prayer or those who pray," Crabb said in her opinion. "That is unfortunate. A determination that the government may not endorse a religious message is not a determination that the message itself is harmful, unimportant or undeserving of dissemination."
The opinion comes in a case filed by the Freedom From Religion Foundation, a Wisconsin-based group of self-described "atheists" and "agnostics."
Crabb said her ruling is based on "relevant case law," and it does not prevent religious groups from organizing prayer services or prevent the President from discussing his views on prayer.
"The only issue decided in this case is that the federal government may not
endorse prayer in a statute," Crabb said.
Even the idiots that view the establishment clause as a ban on religion, you have to really stretch to find where a day for multi-religious prayer is an establishment of religion. I am not in a mood to explain how much I despise left-leaning activist sociopaths in judicial robes tonight. Fortunately for me, the emperor(ess) has no clothes.

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