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Friday, May 14, 2010

Ahhh Friday...

Not working tomorrow to celebrate my 48th birthday Sunday. Kc is taking me to a Reds game in Cincy that evening. A much better day than the one at work today. We learned- as if we didn't already know- that fabric vendor Maco is totally retarded. Today we were supposed to get 5 rolls of a certain fabric that Target is ordering the crap out of- a fabric that Laurie finished off the last of- and when it came in, we got somebody else's fabric. Yes, 5 rolls of something we couldn't even identify, which they identified as our R439 daulton black. (Funny how it was orange.) We also learned that engineers should be banned from doing calculations in their heads. Smilin' Bob was absolutely convinced despite two cutters, a sewer, and a quality supervisor telling him he was wrong, that the band was the right size. That is, until he read me off the pertinent numbers which I enterred into my calculator and proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was... WRONG! When we did it a second time and got the same results, he finally capitulated to peals of my near-hysteric laughter.

Moving onto hockey, the second round of world cup games had some real eye openners. Norway scored first on Canada- Canada then scored the remaining 12 goals, including 5 in a 3:06 span near the end of the second period. Denmark blasted a thoroughly humbled Slovak team 6-0; Finland blanked Belarus 2-0; and Sweden topped Latvia 4-2.

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