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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Baby names

The 2009 most popular baby name list came out this week. You can find it on the social security website. Here are the top tens:

Top 10 Names for 2009
Female name
1 Isabella

Male names:

1. Jacob
2. Ethan
5. William
10. Anthony

This is the first time since the year I was in Kindergarten (1967) that Christopher is outside the top 10, falling to 11. Poor Laurie has only made the top 1000 5 times in the last 20 years, with a peak of 684 in 1990 and falling out after finishing 962nd in 1994. Of course my kids KC (who still loves his mom for the spelling) and Shenandoah, are too unique to make such a "pedestrian " list.

The bottom 10 for boys was: Mustafa, Eliezer, Cassius, Amos, Tyshawn, Trevin, Stone, Renaldo, Fredrick, and Chaz (say I wonder if that included Chastity Bono's name/sex change?). The bottom of the girl's chart is Mireya, Lilyanna, Kloe, Karli, Gretchen, Valery, Samiyah, Cambria, Amiah, and Allanah. Notice at least the boys list has some names you've heard of. Samiyah? Really?

In our family the most recent babies we've had are boys Blaine (On the left above, 637th, falling from a ten-year peak of 405 in 2004) and Jackson (On the right, which has climbed every year since 1986 and is now at a high of 25th).

Out of my brothers and sisters, John got 26, Thomas took 57, Jennifer came in at 109, and Suzette was not only on the list, but hasn't been since 1978, when she was 968. My dad's given name, Louis, was at 354, but the middle name he went by, Woodrow, fell off in 1983 and hasn't been back since. That was the same year my mom's name, Ursula, fell off never to return. Laurie's siblings were Charles at 64, Mary at 102, Paul at 160, and Arthur at 376. Her dad, Robert, is at 55; her Mom, Laurice, joins my kids at never having been in the top 1000 in the past 50 years. A call out to my followers: Ashley came in at 20, and Gavin chimed in at 33.


A check in as we speak on the world cup shows that Belarus topped Kazakhstan 5-2, the Czechs not suprisingly routed France 6-2, Slovakia and Russia are in the 2nd pd with Russia up 2-0 after an Ovechkin goal (doesn't it seem convenient to anyone else that he manages to lose in the first round of the NHL playoffs to a team he should've beat singlehanded, and immediately beats ass for Europe to play in the World cup? Priorities a problem, Alex? HMMMM?) and Sweden leading Norway 2-1 after 2 despite a Norse goal by our favorite goon Patrick Thoresson (you remeber from the KHL playoffs? "I didn't mean to give you a concussion, Alexi Morozov. REALLLLLY I didn't!")

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