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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cancel summer

It almost seems appropriate to cancel summer. Ernie Harwell passed from this earth to the great bullpen above today. Was there ever a greater love by mortal man than Ernie's love for baseball, a love that came out in each and every Tiger game he broadcast. Even if I was usually rooting for the other team (unless they were playing the Yankees), I couldn't help but enjoy his wistfull way of telling us the stories of baseball's past- the stories of his life. Stories that were more meaningfull because he interwove them with the game being played, instead of laying them on top like a certain Dodger broadcaster I won't mention by name. Now he belongs to that same club as Harry Caray, Jack Buck, Harry Kalas and all the rest who are broadcasting from God's ballpark. Yes, like the home runs he used to call on the radio, he is "looooong gone", but never to be forgotten.

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