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Monday, May 17, 2010

So it isn't just the assistants...

Linked fron Chuck Shepard's news of the weird:

Parents at Coconut Grove Elementary School are calling for the ouster of Principal Eva N. Ravelo this week after she told a parent in an e-mail to ``eat sh-- and die.''
The controversy, which is now under review by the school district's central office, started Monday. Abigail DuBearn, a member of the school's Educational Excellence School Advisory Committee, or EESAC, had asked Ravelo and other council members whether student representatives of the committee ``could be notified today and be invited to attend and participate'' at Monday's meeting.
Ravelo, 45, then replied to DuBearn's e-mail with the message: ``Advise her to eat sh-- and die.'' Ravelo spelled the swear word like it appears here -- without the last two letters.
Maria Orjeda, the school's reading coach, who spoke on behalf of Ravelo, said the principal meant to send the e-mail about DuBearn to her assistant principal, Ramón Dawkins, instead of DuBearn.
DuBearn could not be reached for comment Thursday.
``Ms. Ravelo takes full responsibility for the mistake. She apologized to Mrs. DuBearn on Tuesday,'' Orjeda said.
The principal, who is still running the school, has been instructed not to speak with the media, Orjeda added. Read more:

Ravelo had better check with the state dept. of agriculture and make sure sh-- isn't on the banned food list, like jolly ranchers are in Texas. She may have to instruct the parent to consume a more healthy waste product.

Speaking of the Brazos Texas school system and candy-hating superintendant Jack ellis, look what happened just 2 days after the candy controversy:

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A high school student has been suspended after law enforcement found he had a 'hit list' with fellow students' names on it.
Brazos ISD Superintendent Jack Ellis said the mother of the sophomore student called Brazos High School on April 30 concerned about her son. Several school counselors and officials talked to the teen and were also concerned.
The 'hit list' was found on a spiral notebook on May 4 when Austin County Sheriff's Department went to the teen's home to check everything out. The teen was temporarily put in juvenile authority custody, but was turned back over to his mother on Tuesday.
Ellis said he doesn't know how many people may be on the list, but he described it as a list of people the teen wanted to "get even with." School officials have not seen the list of names. Ellis also says the youth had not reported any problems with anyone in the school, has not been very cooperative, just saying that he "hated everybody."
A letter from Brazos ISD was sent home to parents stating the student was suspended, was withdrawn from the school and will not return to school for the remainder of the school term. The school is also considering expulsion proceedings against the student to extend into the 2010-2011 school year.
Ellis also says in the letter that the school has placed staff on alert, has hired a security officer and has notified Wallis police to keep the school and student's residence under observation

See? this is what happens when you take candy away from kids, Jack. And how about the Highland park Ill. girls b-ball team? Remember how I told you everyone was down on administrator Suzan Hebson?

ROSEMONT, ILL.--With 4,000 Chicago area fans cheering her on, former Republican Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin trained her sights Wednesday night on Highland Park High School, which conservative talk radio has targeted for canceling the girls basketball team's trip to a tournament in Arizona.
"Them are fightin' words when you say a girl can't play in the basketball tournament ... for political reasons ... so we're going to see about that," Palin said.
Arizona's strict crackdown on illegal immigration is projected to cost that state millions in tourism from such cancellations.
"I said, 'Wait, I thought it was already a crime for an illegal alien [to be here]," Palin said to raucous cheers at the Rosemont Theatre.
Noting that the Highland Park girls held bake sales to pay their way to the national finals for the first time in 26 years, Palin suggested conservatives could get the girls to Arizona despite High School District 113's decision to keep the girls home this winter.
Quoting her book "Going Rogue," Palin said: "Everything I ever needed to know, I learned on the Basketball Court: self-discipline, setting goals, teamwork, responsibility." She later added: "faith."
Palin said the school is still sponsoring a trip to China.
"You know how they treat girls in China?" Palin said. "It makes no sense. Even if they have to do this on our own. ... If the kids have to 'Go Rogue' girls."

Go get 'em Sarah! I'd like to thank, in order, the Miami Herald, KENS 5 TV, and the Chicago Tribune for the stories. As you can see, Hebson has learned that you can't whitewash a turd ("This decision isn't political, it's about our student's safety") and make it tastier, and Jack Ellis has learned that he has more important things to worry about than taking candy from babies.


World cup update: Finland topped Slovakia 5-2 today, to join Russia, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, and Canada in the final 8. Slovakia plays Germany tomorrow to decide one of the last two spots. Norway stayed alive with a 3-2 win over the Swiss in which the Norse were outshot 45-15. Norway can get in if Canada beats the Czechs tomorrow in regulation time; any other outcome saves the Czechs from major embarrasment. Denmark had already clinched their first trip to the elite eight in history and thus mailed in a 2-1 loss to Belarus, who goes home to play golf or whatever they do in the offseason in former Soviet republics. Latvia will join them after their own 3-1 loss to the Czechs. Tomorrow the relegation group will be decided, as well as those last two tickets to the elite 8.

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