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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Step into my time machine, week three

We are at May 17, 1975 this week, where we see the Ozark Mountain Daredevils continuing to top the Chart with "Jackie Blue". Earth, Wind, and Fire move into the #2 spot with "Shining Star", and Ace also moves up 2 with "How Long." Freddie Fender's tex-mex classic "Before the next teardrop falls" leaps 3 to #4; Tony Orlando and Dawn slide 3 with the late #1 "He don't love you",; and Paul Anka is still having sleeping problems, moving up 3 with"I do't like to sleep alone". "Walking in rhythym" moves up into the 8-hole, and the last two spots go to debuts- "Thank God I'm a country boy" by John Denver at 9, and Barry Manilow's "It's a miracle" at 10. If I was going to guess at my favorite song that week, I'd have a tough time; in addition to the aforementioned Mr. Manilow, I'd have been choosing from the Carpenters' "Only Yesterday" at 11, America's "Sister golden hair" at 12, Grand Funk Railroad's "Bad Time" at 14, and Chicago's "Old days" at 16. Let's say that, knowing me, "Miracle would have been there last week, "old days" this week, prepping for America to take over in the weeks to come.

Not as big a hot 100 debut week as we've been having; out of 11 new songs, the only ones to make significant noise were Kiss at 91 with "Rock and roll all night" and BTO at 69, the high debut, with "Hey You". The Doobies (pictured) take the fast mover award again this week with "(Take me in your arms)Rock me jumping 25 spots to #31.

The drop like a rock award goes this week to Barry White, who falls 43 spots to 71 with "What am I going to do about you", which I admit I don't know, but I can't imagine its any different than the rest of his basically sound alike songs. He and Al Green probably hold the record for hitting the charts the most times with the same basic song.

3 new songs outher than the Doobies achieved top forty status this week: Bad Company with "Good lovin' gone bad" at 40; Another song I don't know, Tavares with "Remember what I told you to forget"(ironically enough) at 39; and the medley of "The way we were/ Try to remember" by Gladys Knight und der Pipsters at 38. The martin indicator sits at 37 this week.

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