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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Step into my time machine, week two

This week, we're at May 10th, 1975. BJ Thomas is on his way out with "Another somebody done somebody wrong song, pausing at 10. Paul Anka's "I don't like to sleep alone" and Blacbyrds' "Walking in rhythym" each climb one notch this week. Freddy Fender roars into the top 10 at 7 with "Before the next teardrop falls". Leo Sayer dances in place at 6 again with "Long tall glasses". Moving up three were Ace's "How long" and EWF's "Shining star". Elton Johm's "Philly freedom" reversed course and went back up to 3. Tony Orlando and Dawn failed to hang onto the top spot for a second week, dropping to 2 with "He don't love you". This week, it's Ozark Mountain Daredevils at number one with "Jackie Blue". Out of thirteen debuts, four that we all knew includied Frankie Valli's "Swearin' to God", Charlie Daniels' "Long haired country boy", Melissa Manchester's "Midnight blue", and 10cc's "I'm not in love". Poking their noses in the top 40 were, Jesse Colter's "I'm not Lisa", Led Zepplin's "Trampled under foot", Gordon Lightfoot's "Rainy day people", "Get down, get down" by Joe Simon, Michael Murphy's "Wildfire", and Roger Whitaker's "The last farewell". The biggest mover this week was last week's second high debut, the Doobies with (Take me in your arms) Rock me" jumping 26 notches from 82 to 56. And the Martin index (how many in the top 100 I've downloaded) climbs 5 to 36.
Quick world cup update: Denmark shocks the world with an openning 4-1 win over Heavy favorite Finland; Canada smacked Italy ( I at first said "whopped Italy", but it was an accident and I don't want to offend) 5-1; and Switzerland edged Latvia in a mild upset, 3-1.

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