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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bits and Pisses, chapter 2

Let's start out with, on the way home, I saw my first longhorn steer. In a pasture on CR1000. I told Laurie if he was in he back seat (obviously a theoretical exercise and not a physical possibility), his horns would have points out both windows. Then, a mile or so later saw Mr. Bunny Rabbit.

Next, let's go on to the reason Pete Carroll and his basketball buddy Tim Floyd deserted the USC program when they did- a 30 scholarship penalty, vacating 14 wins from Dec. '04 through the 2005 season, and possibly losing the national title they "earned" against Oklahoma in the 2004-5 season. Funny how that Seahawks job seemed so much more attractive this year. I'm sorry, but I sense a certain amount of gutlessness about a guy who knows what's coming and ducks and runs. Kinda points to that character issue, and leadership coming from the top. Have a happy 2010-11, Lane Kiffin!

Not that I wanted to, but its time to give my two cents on the Big 12, now that its demise is beginning with the defection of Colorado to the PAC 10. Congratulations to the Buffs (and to whichever teams follow them into the PAC- whatever). You are now a member of a conference stuffed with dishonest bastards like the aforementioned USC Trojans, not to mention the worst elite conference referee crew around (the Big 10 refs ain't bad, they're just dishonest) and a fan base situated across the rockies, where nobody (again excepting USC and maybe UCLA) cares who you are on this side of the rockies. The Big 12 had become my favorite conference over the last couple years, but between the Mike Leach screw job, the firing of Mangino, and now this, maybe I'll just pay more attention to St. Francis this year. Word is the Big ten will grab Nebraska and maybe Mizzou, and UT, Tech, OU, Oklahoma St.,and A&M joining the big "let's get a big network deal and roll in $$$" party out west. Frankly, I'm disgusted. Big East, look out; you are no doubt next contestant in Consolidation Follies.

Thirdly, Hey Chicago whaddaya say? The Blackhawks are the North American champs after a 4-3 OT win in Philadelphia (home of the nation's lowest drinking age, apparently).
The 'Hawks go from last in division to NHL champs in 3 seasons. Philly goes back to being an overrated collection of goons bookended by Briere and Pronger. Enjoy your fluke playoff run this summer, because unless Leighton grows a clue over the offseason you won't be back soon.
And as promised, here's more about the 2 new KHL members, including proper spelling. HC Budivelnik is out of Kiev, Ukraine, and is the first Ukrainian team to play at an elite level in years. Yugra Khanty-Mansiysk is based in the eastern Russian city of Khanty-Mansiysk, an oil-boom town of 54,000 about 1180 miles east of Moscow.
Finally a tip of the hat to Bob Sachs, president of Arden corporation. After reading the letter I sent him (see "the breaking strain" last month), he sent me a letter back thanking me for "sharing my concern" and updating me on the efforts being made to "minimize the problems we faced this year" in the future. I have said this before, and I'll say it again- no matter what I occasionally think of he company as a whole, Mr. Sachs is personally a very kind, very generous man. A lot of the nastiness began after the company went to the "bankers" to whom we sold our corporate soul, men whose only concern is who's making me my money. I do not number Bob Sachs among them.

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