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Friday, June 25, 2010

The end is near- maybe

Well, this Tuesday we were informed that we were dropping to 11 hour days, getting off at 5:30. Still had Saturday posted as a nooner, though. However, at 4:45 it was announced to screams of rejoicing that the day was done at 5 pm and no Saturday!
Believe thou me, we are very happy that the mad dash to get your patio replacement cushions is ebbing at last. I know I personally caught myself in a month's worth of mistakes the last three days. Last week, I missed a day, Victor missed a day and a half, Jose missed Firday morning, Gustavo missed Saturday, and this week a new girl evaporated and Laurie missed Monday and Tuesday. And that's just the cutters. Hopefully, we can get in a few weeks of manageable hours before the whole thing bottoms out.

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