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Sunday, June 13, 2010

fun with numbers

Decided to look at the rosters of the Champions of the leagues we followed this year and see how the nationalities fell out. First, here are the totals for the top ten nations:
Canada, 73
Finland, Slovakia 37
Sweden 29
Czech Rep. 25
Korea 23
Russia 22
Switzerland 21
USA 19
Italy 16

The most glaring things that stand out are the high number for Korea (with Anyang Halla winning the Asia League title) and the relatively low one for Russia (which will be explained later). But now let's look at the players outside their home nation's league, keeping in mind that the NHL is home for Canada and the USA, and the Asia League is also multinational.

Canada 53
Finland 19
USA 11
Slovakia 10
Sweden 9
Czech Rep. 4
Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, France, Hungary, Latvia 1

That's right- with all the Russians playing in leagues around the world, not one was on a championship roster outside of Ak Bars Kazan! As you can also see, the USA did much better in exports, and despite the rush for Czech players after the world cup, they also didn't find their way onto many championship rosters. One last thing I want to look at is, who had to take in the most imports. So here are the nations who had the lowest nationals on their champs.

France 8
Great Britain/Ireland 9
Norway 11
Austria, Germany 13
Denmark 14
Italy 16
Finland 18
Sweden, Switzerland 20

Here the USA becomes a special case of being intertwined with Canada and thuis doesn't chart although only (!) 8 Americans were on the Blackhawks. Finland also seems to be a special case, because although they had the fewest nationals on their champs out of all the elite teams, they had even more on other nations' champs(18 to 19). However, I don't know how to explain Russia, who had a devastating trifecta of no players on foreign champs, a poor showing in the Olympics, and losing the world cup to the Czechs. Finally, I'll give a shout out to the one nation who landed a player on a championship roster and hasn't yet been mentioned: Japan, who had one player on Anyang Halla.

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