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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Step into my time machine, week nine

This week we have 12 hot 100 debuts, 4 joining the top forty for the first time, two top ten debuts, a party that got out of control, a great song to play for a baby, and -yet again- a new top dog. Let's go!

The hot hundred debuts included the Hudson Brothers one big hit. You may or may not remember that they had a variety show the summer before; you may not know that brother Bill was married to Goldie Hawn (before Kurt Russell beefed up and moved in) and is Kate Hudson's daddy. The song was a Beach Boys-esque number that played on CKLW when I was a kid of 13 called Rendezvous. Love that song. At 97 came David Bowie with Fame; 95 was the Amazing Rhythym Aces with a song I always thought (back then) was Kenny Rogers, Third Rate Romance. 93 was the first big hit for KC and the Sunshine Band, Get Down Tonight; sweet baby James Taylor came in at 92 with How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You). And at 82 was the first run for Judy Collins with Send In The Clowns; it would crack the top forty later on, and return again in 1977, this time breaching the top 20.

Our big movers this week are, on the upside, Freddie Fender's Wasted Days and Wasted Nights, jumping 22 to land at 51; on the downward spiral, Grand Funk's Bad time, dropping 14 to 30. Just one each this week, unlike last week's mess.

Coming into the top 40 were Hot Chocolate at 40 with Disco Queen (didn't recognize it); Mike Post's theme to The Rockford Files at 37; Glen Campbell returns to the 40 for the first time since 1971's Dream Baby with the future top dog Rhinestone Cowboy; and riding the fame of Jimmie Walker and his catch phrase, studio band Bazuka comes in at 32 with Dyn-o-mite.

Our almost-but-not-quite salute this week
goes to the Average White Band with their follow up to the top dog Pick Up The Pieces, called Cut The Cake. This basically instrumental tune (which again, no recollection upon playing) peaked last week at 12 and began its descent this week at 23. Notable about this Scottish band was a Hollywood party the year before, in which the band's drummer died of a heroin overdose, and the bassist would have as well except that Cher managed to keep him awake until help arrived. I must have lost my invitation.

Two come into the top ten, two drop out. Bailing were Sister Golden Hair, who at 13 spots just missed the big dropper, to 20; and the Doobies, having been taken into our arms and rocked before they left, dropped the one crucial spot to 11.

This week's tour of other year's top dogs takes us through the terrible twos. Mariah Carey in 1992 with I'll Be There was starting a 3 week run at the top; in 1982, the Human League was just starting a 4 week run with Don't You Want Me. In 1972 Gallery was stopping in for a week with Nice To Be With You; in 1962, at which point I was about a month-and-a-half old, David Rose's Orchestra was #1 with The Stripper. In 1952, her nibs, Miss Georgia Gibbs, was number one with the tango-flavored Kiss of Fire- and had been keeping the likes of Eddie Fisher and Al Martino out of the penthouse at that point for 5 of her 8-week run. Nifty song.

Here we go to the top ten. Leading off, Alice Cooper makes his second foray into the upper crust with Only Women, up one. In the 9th spot, up three, is another Scottish band with -outside of this week's number one- the most played song of the summer, Pilot with (Oh Oh Oh, It's) Magic. John Denver stops off at 8 with former top dog Thank God I'm A Country Boy; batting cleanup is Van McCoy's The Hustle, up 2 to 7. Wings also rise 2 to 6 with Listen To What The Man Says; Jessie Coulter moves up one to 5 with I'm Not Lisa. Linda Ronstadt got her answer- she was loved last week. Not so much this week, as she tumbles from top dog to 4. once and future Delfonic Major Harris holds in the 3 hole with Love Won't Let Me Wait (apparently the chart will, though). Michael Murphy moves up 2 to the runner up spot with Wildfire. And if you were here last week, the new top dog is no surprise; it hit the top ten running at 2 then and is number one now- The Captain and Tennille with Love Will Keep Us Together.

Martin Index set new highs the last two weeks; 43 last week, 44 this one. See you next week and we'll see if Toni and Daryl can last more than one week at the top.

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