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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dog vs. duck

Scrappy gets his new baby:

Scrappy's baby- AFTER:


I hope everybody enjoys- especially after all the grief I got from Blogger trying to upload them.

In the mean time, I have to report three more deer, in the woods on Friday morning's walk (once again our intrepid hunter saw them just before they disappeared out of sight), a chipmunk who disappeared down a heretofore unknown hole in our front yard, and the bat that joined Scrappy and I watching for the approaching storm last Saturday (our new totals 24 deer, 6 bats, and 4 chipmunks). Also, a couple weeks ago, we saw about 20 yds ahead of us a couple of almost mouselike things with long tails carried low to the ground, dashing back and forth between the greenway path and the weeds in the raised dirt above it. Thinking some sort of ground squirrel, but never got a good look; though Scrappy could smell them, he has yet to figure out the here and there of a scent.

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