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Friday, July 30, 2010

Step into my time machine week fourteen

Hey! here's a quick supplement musically. I discovered a website called where they collect greatest album lists and collate them a million ways to get you the greatest albums of all time. You can add your own, as I did. You can see mine at , and rate it if you like.

Anyhow, on to this week's trip. While we had 13 debuts this week, including one from the Chairman of the Board, ol' Blue Eyes, the only ones I recognized were: at 81, the Spinners with Games People Play; at 75, David Geddes tear-jerker Run Joey Run; and at 70, the Carpenters with Solitaire. Our big droppers were a tie between Misty at 65 and Wildfire at 68, both falling 45 spots. We'll meet our big mover in the top 40 debuts.

Our saying goodbye segment features Show Me The Way by Peter Frampton, which was not the live hit, but the studio single for Peter Frampton which died at 81 last week; and Lynyrd Skynyrd's Saturday Night Special, which peaks this week at 41. And our wayward almost-but-not-quite segment returns this week with Aerosmith's Sweet Emotion, and my second goof admission of the week. It was this song's peaking at 36 this week that allowed Dream On to be re-released after flopping at #59 it's first trip. I originally presented this as the other way around. Proving once again that one shouldn't rely on memories without research at my age.

Coming into the realm of airplay (also known as the top 40) this week were 5 songs. Inching in at 40 was Al Green's latest attempt to tweak Let's Stay Together with different lyrics, this attempt titled Oh Me Oh My (Dreams In My Arms). Our big mover rockets in from 64 to 38, a 26 spot leap for ZZ Top with Tush. Another song I didn't recognize was Harold Melvin's Bluenotes featuring Sharon Paige with Hope We Can Be Together Soon at 37, up 5. Paul Anka and Odia Coates shoot up 19 to 33 with (I Believe There's) Nothing Stronger Than Our Love, another candidate for the BJ Thomas award for unnecessarily long titles. And finally we see David Bowie (with some screechy contributions from John Lennon) move up 16 to land upstairs at 32 with Fame.

The trip through other years' top dogs is in the sevens this week. Tops on the Alternative chart of 1997 was the chronically overplayed Push by Matchbox 20; no pop this week as we ran out of Cashbox in September of 1996. 1987's top dog this week was Heart with Alone; 1977 was Bee Gee jr. Andy Gibb with I Just Want To Be Your Everything (see note on Paul Anka); 1967 proves we can't get away from Frankie Valli, as Can't Take My Eyes Off You was back on top in it's month-long battle with The Association's Windy. And in 1957, Phil and Don Everly were on top with their first hit, Bye Bye Love.

Almost forgot the running tour of my top hundred of the 70's. Helen Reddy takes 85 with No Way To Treat A Lady; the aforementioned Bluenotes at 84 with If You Don't Know Me By Now; 83 is the also aforementioned Misty; 82 is Yes with Roundabout; and 81 is Three Dog Night with the only song I know of recorded in a men's room for that special echo, Liar.

One comes into the top ten, one goes out. The dropper is Rocking Chair, which rocks on down from its peak of 10 to 17. Leading off the top 10 is Listen To What The Man Says, slipping from 6 to 10. War enters the top 10 at 9 with Why Can't We Be Friends, yes kids, the original- no Schrek here. Melissa Manchester moves up 1 to 8 with Midnight Blue; while Frankie Valli (!) stops at 7 with Swearin' To God. The Hustle slides down 3 to 6 this week; while Sir Elton Duck (tee hee) moves up 3 to 5 with yet another member of the Mythical Top Ten, Someone Saved My Life Tonight. 10cc climbs 1 to number 4 with I'm Not In Love; and the Eagles abandon their nest at the top with One Of These Nights, dropping to # 3. Bee Gees sr. move up 2 with Jive Talkin' in the runner up spot. Which gives us a new #1-our 11th in fourteen weeks- Olivia Newton-John with Please Mister Please. So lay off that B-17 till next week, everybody!

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