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Sunday, July 18, 2010

"Doesn't this just kick a$$?"

This is Captain Phil Harris' custom Titan Radical Rigid, a 1750 cc chopper that was airbrushed with fantastic sea scenes by Mike Lavalee and is being sold by the family on e-bay. play the video to see Phil's special option:

A flame thrower! How cool is this? Proceeds are going to the Children's hospital and the Fisherman's Memorial. Phil, if you haven't followed this blog or Deadliest Catch, passed away in February from a massive stroke and complications. If you have watched, you know he was very special, the kind of guy you can watch on tv and feel he was one of your best friends. Last week and this they've told the story of his death on the show, and it's been very hard to watch. But this? this is fun, just like he was.

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