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Friday, August 6, 2010

Black Pines 2010

Just wanted to say we made our annual (or somewhat annual) trip to Black Pines, and had a blast. Peaches the cockatoo had to tell us what his name was; Kovu the lion roared until he heard us coming, went inside, and then came regally back out and promptly sat down with his back to us. Once Laurie looked up his name and called him by it, Kovu snapped at her as if to say, "thanks", or "would you please shut up?" I think it was the former, because all of these animals were playing for attention. The tigers, particularly, loved behing talked to. The one, who had laid down after getting enough, then came running after me when we went to leave. I think this one was named Luna. The chimp was having a time entertaining the little kids. Of course, the feeding pen was hopping once kids with food arrived, and I made friends with the pot-bellied pig (who despite having his own private mud pit, rolled around in his water dish just before we left.

If you've never been there check out You will enjoy it.
I'll be back in a little bit with this week's time machine.

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