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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Draft day results

The new alignment of the NHFFL looks like this: The Purple division will be the KCAs, SVA, Beagles, and Rangers; the Gold division will be the Clock BBQs, T-Cubs, B2s, and Elks; and the new Scarlet division will have the Angels, Ducks, Buzz, and Rhinos. Top 2 division winners draw the first round playoff bye, and the top three records not winning divisions get the wild cards. Preseason openers are next week, with KCAs opening against the T-Cubs, an all-Shenan match-up of SVA and the Rhinos, Beagles vs Ducks, Rangers-Elks, CBBQs-Angels, and B2s-Buzz.

B2s had the first pick and took Min RB Adrian Peterson. The 'tubers' also are taking a chance on old hands in new towns: Donovan McNabb in Washington, and Brandon Marshall in Miami. Angels chose second and took Chris Johnson of the Titans, and feature the Cowboys Romo-to- Austin connection. Beagles picked third and took J-ville's Maurice Jones-Drew. Tom Brady will start at qb for Scrappy. Elks drew the 4th pick and took Baltimore's Ray Rice; she had the oddity of having both Larry Fitzgerald and Anquain Boldin, until this year teammates in Arizona.

Picking 5th were the Clock BBQs and they took Super Bowl qb Drew Brees of N'awlins; he took chances on a rb corps that didn't have a big stud until the last one chosen(Lawrence Maroney of NE). Buzz followed and took "The Cape", Peyton Manning, along with his usual token Notre Damer, this year Jimmy Clausen of Carolina. 7th was the Rhinos, and they took Frank Gore of San Fran, along with an all-star wr trio of Randy Moss, Vernon Davis, and Carolina's Steve Smith. 8th to pick in the first round were the Rangers, who took a chance on oft-injured RB Steven Jackson. With him, Chad Ochocinco, Brett Favre, and Tony Gonzales, I quickly started calling them the "over-the-hill" gang.

Perennial Pains the T-Cubs drew 9th, and bagged Rashard Mendenhall, aka the Steelers' only hope for the first 6 weeks. He leads a bruiser rb block of Cedric Benson and Ricky Williams. Super Bowl defending champs SVA were 10th and took Green Bay's Ryan Grant. He was joined on the rbs by Auburn alums Ben Tate and Cadillac Williams. 11th in the first round were the KCAs and we took Michael F. Turner of Atlanta, along with SD tandem of Rivers-Floyd and my "make or break" pick of Detroit rookie Jahvid Best. The final pick of the opening round went to the State Ducks and we took another rookie, SD's Ryan Mathews. The Ducks ended up with a lot of "I know I'm going to regret this, but..." picks such as Deangelo Williams of Carolina ("No, no, no, no, I REFUSE to take a Carolina running back"- KC), Larry Johnson of the Redskins, Brandon Jacobs of the 'Gints', and Braylon Edwards of the J-E-T-S.

Regular season opener in 5 weeks with the feature match the Champs (SVA) vs the Beagles.

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